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Update on Baek Chung Kang

Posted on: June 13, 2011

Winner of MBC’s Birth of a Great Star/Star Audition had to leave Korea for visa purposes which is a shame because his star stock seems to be rising.  Entertainment is a fickle beast and once you leave its spotlight it can be hard to get it back.  He recently appeared on national news showing him back in his home town of Yanbain.  Dude’s pretty popular.

Before leaving Korea, Section TV also interviewed him after his win:

1) Baek actually donated half of his winnings.  If anyone is going to try out for the show remember this, Baek didn’t actually receive 300million Won because production fees and taxes were subtracted from his winnings.  By the end he ended up receiving around 100million Won.  That’s pretty amazing that he still gave half when there’s a 200million won difference from what he was supposed to get to what he actually got.

2) 2nd place Lee Tae Kwon never got to say his goodbye on the final show and thought Baek would at least give him the mic for a few seconds.  AWWWW~  But that’s okay because they still love each other.  Bromance.

3) Baek says the dirtiest contestant was Shayne.  When they are filming everyone has a lot of makeup put on them.  After filming everyone came home and for three days Baek did not see Shayne wash his face once.  *On another note there were some articles that popped up today talking about how some of Shayne’s fan refused to believe this and came to Shayne’s defense.  Man it’s not that serious…Shayne basically sounds like 90% of all North American college students I’ve ever met.  I can’t believe there were articles on this.

Finally Baek Chung Kang and Lee Tae Kwon appeared on the second half of “Come to Play” and while this is an update on Baek, I was floored by Lee’s rendition of “Knocking on Heaven’s Door.”  Axl’s version is still my favorite but I want Lee to do real cover of this and record that ish!

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