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I am a Singer Episode 14

Posted on: June 12, 2011

Some interesting occurrences this week:

  • Ok Ju Hyun was forced to restart her performance because the guitar player messed up.  Also her dance partner is the same guy who is on Korea’s version of Dancing with the Stars and is partnered with Jessica Gomez.  Every time I see that dude I get the willies.
  • JK Kim Dong Wook forgot the lyrics (although they’re posted on a screen in front of him) and asked to restart his performance.
  • Lee Sora gets eliminated.  DUN DUN DUN.


This weeks performance rankings:

1.  Kim Bum Soo:  He channeled the gay love child of Elvis and James Brown and ended up in the top position.
2.   JK Kim Dong Wook:  I guess the mistake didn’t hinder the votes
3.  Park Jung Hyun:  I fast forwarded most of her performance so I have nothing to say
4.  BMK:  She did so much better during her practice performance.  She really doesn’t do well live does she.
5.  Ok Ju Hyun:  Pass
6.  Lee Sora:  Pass
7.  YB:  Boring performance was boring.  Fast forwarded most of it.

After adding all the performance numbers Lee Sora found herself in last place and was eliminated from the show.  JK also decided to abruptly leave.  This show is turning into a hot mess.

3 Responses to "I am a Singer Episode 14"

I have been trying to follow what has happened after Im jae Bums departure from the contest. There is a Blog that I try to translate with little sucess due to Google’s ridiculous translation .
I wonder if you would be so kind and read the following and tell if Im jae Bum will be involved in the contest again.
Ida in Sweden.

If you go to allkpop they had some articles up on Im Jae Bum in english. the official reason he left is because he had an appendectomy and needed time to recover. After the show, he went to England and just recently came back from his trip.

There is no confirmation as to whether he will be coming back to the show. Actually Im Jae Bum had a reputation for having a explosive personality and there were rumors he left the show because he got into an altercation with another singer. If that is true he’s definitely not coming back on the show.

Thanks for the answer. I’ll be visiting your Blog to get a summary of what happens on “I am a singer”. And thanks for writing in English. it helps a lot 🙂


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