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1N2D Supporting Actors Special

Posted on: June 12, 2011

Date 2011.06.12 

While the last 1n2d trip featured six beautiful actresses the staff didn’t forget the female viewers and added another special inviting six seasoned Korean actors.  They’re not necessarily the best looking bunch but what they lack in beauty they make up in charisma and humor.  This episode was hilarious.

First off, introducing the six “luxury” actors.  Since its going to be hard remembering their names I’m going to give them all nicknames for this review.

1.  Jo Sung Ha aka Flower Man:  Born in 1966 and currently filming the drama “Romance Town”.  Has been in several dozen films and movies including “SungKyunKwan Scandal” with Micky Yoochun and “Yellow Sea” starring Ha Jung Woo.  I’m calling him the flower man because physically he seems the most gentle and kind.

2.  Ahn Kil Kang aka “Playboy”:  Born in 1966 his most recent acting gig saw him forming an entertainment company in “Dream High” starring several members of JYP Entertainment’s roster.  He’s also been in “Chuno” and “Hello Ghost.”  I’m calling him playboy because he came wearing his baseball team the “Playboys” outfit.

3.  Sung Jil Roo aka homeless:  Born in 1968, he most recently appeared in the drama “Crime Squad” starring Song Il Gook and Song Ji Hyo.  He’s also been in several movies including “Sunny” as well as “Le Grand Chef.”  I”m calling him homeless because he came straight from filming and looked like he needed a good night’s sleep and a shower.

4.  Song Dong Il aka “Chuno”:  Born in 1967 he was most recently seen in Rain’s drama “Fugitive” but more known for his role in “Chuno.”  While not the oldest in the group he’s definitely the mirror image of Kim Soo Mi.  Guy is a hoot!

5.  Go Chan Suk aka “Puppy”:  Born in 1970 aka year of the dog aka the same age as HoDong, has played everything from a gangster to a movie director.  Mainly a film actor, he’ll soon be in movie called Mr. Idol (with Jay Park).  While he’s got the role of douche bag down to an art, in real life the guy is freaking adorable.

6.  Kim Jung Tae aka “Coolio”:  Born in 1972 he and Ahn Kil Kang have been the go to guys for any film requiring a thug or a gangster.  Because both him and Ahn are physically intimidating its hilarious as they try to scare Na PD and the crew.  Most recently he’s been seen in “Mrs. Ripley” starring Lee Da Hae.  He’s been in so many films and tv roles but the role that I remember him most clearly in is the film “The Duelist.”  He has a bit part but I remember thinking “holy shiz that guy is huge!”  He’s hilarious and definitely see him as the Kim Haneul of the bunch. I’m calling him Coolio because every time I see him I hear “gangster’s paradise” in my head.

We start off just like the actresses’ special did.  The six actors arrive and are sent to the same coffee shop in order to get to know each other better.  Its adorable as Puppy arrives with rice cakes hoping to get a bite before the staff steals them away for the next two days.  Chuno takes a piece and he dips it into his coffee!  Now that’s a breakfast of champions.  Meanwhile the six members of 1n2d open the show joking about how the atmosphere is way different from the actresses special and that even the sky looks ominous.

Back at the coffee shop Na PD wonders whether the group is getting ready to collect debts and Chuno replies with Coolio and Playboy he’s have Korea’s best loan sharking agency.  Coolio in his cool ways replies “let me know if you need any help” cracking everyone up.  When Na PD asks what type of movie the six could film together Chuno replies “I don’t think its going to be anything heartwarming.”  Flower Boy then adds “and probably not anything lighthearted.”  Its sort of sad seeing how the six have been typecast but they really don’t look like the group that you would think enjoys rainbows and flowers.  While the six talk about their age, Coolio replies that he’s the youngest only the text underneath says “For some reason seems like a scary maknae.”  Puah.

Seunggi comes to the coffee shop and greets the six actors.  Chuno remarks that Seunggi’s got immense popularity and Coolio nonchalantly replies “I’m jealous” but because he’s so tough looking it looks like he’s about to hurt someone.  When Seunggi tells the six that he’s nervous even more than when the actresses were on, Playboy gently tells Seunggi “it’s not going to be easy.”  OMG I love how the six are playing up their thug images.  While Seunggi is talking Homeless is eating his kimbap and Chuno warns Seunggi not to talk to the man, dude doesn’t like to talk.  HAHA and then when Na PD takes away his kimbap Chuno comments “that’s probably the first time anyone has ever taken food from him!”

The six actors walk to to the filming but their force is undeniable and it ends up looking like the neighborhood thugs are on their way to a fight.  Or as the captions say “on their way to take over KBS.”  Seunggi runs ahead and warns his team “today’s going to be no joke!”  hahaha.  Chuno’s got some whitty remarks.  As the crew mikes up the six actors he goes “we look like we’ve got metal (aka knives, bats etc) in our backpacks.”

The six members introduce themselves and its hilarious as Playboy introduces himself as a villain.  Homeless says that he was nervous coming on the show because while he plays comedic roles he’s not very funny in real life.  Kang Ho Dong introduces Chuno as “insane” and Chuno greets the audience by telling them he loves everyone.  When Chuno got the invite to come on the show his first thought was “how much are they going to pay me?!”  hahaha.   Its been a while since he’s been on a variety show so he was pretty curious about his value.  HoDong asks whether he was satisfied with the amount and Chuno replies that they’re paying him with credit.  Chuno, Coolio and Um Tae Woong are currently filming a movie together so they’re pretty close but through the entire conversation Coolio has no reaction.  It seems he’s too nervous about his own greeting to pay attention to what anyone else is saying.   Chuno even replies “he’s like that when he’s acting!  he only thinks about his own lines!”

When its Puppy’s turn to greet everyone Kang Ho Dong and Hodong asks why Puppy became an actor.  Puppy explains that when he was in school he went drinking with a bunch of guys and girls.  He got wasted and blacked out so his friends left him in the actor’s studio and the rest is history.  Imagine if they left him in the ballet studio.  Finally Coolio gives his greetings and the six mc’s comment on how particular his manner of speech is.  Coolio says that he’s close with Tae Woong but its the first time he’s meeting everyone else.

The mission today is a free for all.  This confuses everyone and Chuno replies “well lets go to my house for some drinks then!”  OMG this guy.  Na PD says that they can go anywhere they want but wherever they are at 5pm is where the crew will set up base camp.  Coolio asks Na PD “what do you mean?” but because of his thug charisma it seems like he’s asking “what the fuck do you mean” without really saying it.  HAHAHAHA.  HoDong gets Playboy to do the same thing and its really funny how intimidating they can be saying just one sentence.

Chuno wants to go to Incheon (since that’s his hometown) and when HoDong asks where Puppy is from Puppy replies he’s from HongDae not realizing HoDong is asking where he’s originally from, not where he lives.  Puppy is so adorably derpy.  Coolio says that he likes to travel but hasn’t been to many nice places.  He’s only really been places for work like the waste plant, the waterfront and refrigerated warehouses.  If anyone needs to know the good construction sites he tells them to give him a call.  HAHAHA.  Seriously this dude is cracking me up.

Chuno suddenly interrupts and asks whey Taewoong gets paid when he doesn’t say a single word.  Coolio agrees and says when they’re filming together Taewoong constantly complains about how hard 1n2d is but it looks like he doesn’t even have to say a word.  “If you don’t want to do it quit!” Coolio screams.  Taewoong is seriously a dork because he’s wearing a camera around on his neck and Chuno tells everyone that Taewoong carries that thing around everywhere but doesn’t even take a single picture.  He brings it EVERY SINGLE DAY!!!  OMG I’m dying.

Na PD tells them for food, they’re going to have to earn it.  The crew has two trucks loaded with food, tents, and other essentials.  They all have 30 seconds to take as much as they can out of the trucks but the six MCs know that its not that easy.  They’re sure the crew has put all the yummy stuff in the back but Coolio assumes its a dump truck and they can just drop everything out….except he doesn’t say dump, he says DDampu.

On the other hand Playboy wonders if they have to play by the rules and Kang Ho Dong replies that yes they have to and Playboy concedes the issue.  You know Playboy would have gone commando and broken all the rules if he hadn’t clarified with the crew.  The group complains that 30 seconds is not enough so they negotiate for a minute except only the six actors will be able to run back and forth taking items from the truck back to the starting line.

And HOLY CRAP was I dying of laughter during this entire free for all.  The six start grabbing anything and everything including 700 bottles of water, plastic wrap and other random crap.  At one point Coolio grabs a box and decides to throw it in an attempt to get it over the starting line.  HAHAHA.

While the crew sorts out the team’s bounty, Homeless tries to sneak in a box of potatoes which is promptly removed by staff.  The team gets a yellow bus adorned with caricatures of each of the six actors and they start packing the bus with their bounty.  Homeless is intent on getting those potatoes and sneaks them into the bus only for Na PD to find them right before they are about to head out.  All the while Gangster’s Paradise is playing in the background…l..o..l…

The team decides to head towards Kangwondo (the beach) and as the group tries to get to know each other better the younger members tell Playboy to lose the honorifics only Playboy says he’s not comfortable talking in banmal and its hilarious because even when using honorifics he can make it sound like he’s talking down to you.

HoDong asks each member their most memorable character or scene and Coolio says for him its his character in the movie 방가방가 (Hello Hello) and re-enacts the Chan Chan Chan scene for the group.  Oh man I have to watch this movie.  It looks hilarious.   For Chuno, the worst moment as an actor was a drama back in the day where his character had a gun pointed at him and told to hold up his hands.  Chuno’s line was “I don’t know how to hold up my hands” but Chuno couldn’t act right and was killed immediately.  He said for seven years he couldn’t get a role because of that scene.  For Puppy it was his character as a Vietnamese speaking thug in “Secret Reunion.”  He was pretty darn convincing in the role and Puppy even learned some vietnamse and chinese for the role.  Sugeun has conversation in chinese with Puppy only Puppy has no idea that Suguen is talking gibberish.  Its adorable because Puppy gets flustered at how good Suguen’s Chinese is.  Haha.  Coolio is seriously too funny.  When Chuno tells Puppy that variety relies on short funny comments Coolio adds “staccato!” while motioning shotting a gun with his fingers.


The team gets hungry and starts digging for food only Chuno’s one step ahead and eats a RAW EGG!  While heading toward a rest stop everyone begins to talk about their kids and its adorable watching all the daddies sharing pictures of their children.  Korean men have a bad rap for being the shittiest dads ever so its sweet watching moments where being a loving dad is celebrated.

Once at the rest stop the crew set up a makeshift kitchen and while Kang Do Hong group makes scrambled eggs sprinkled with pieces of toast, Seunggi takes his time making some french toast.  The group must be starving because by the end it looks like they literally ate 50 eggs.   And how sad does Homeless look doing the kimchi squat, holding kimchi in one hand and eggs in the other.

While looking for a good place to set camp Coolio is forced to go ask a group of teens for directions.  Chuno remarks that Coolio must have some popularity based on the kid’s reaction and HoDong one ups him and releases Seunggi into the crowd making everyone scream and chant his name.  Coolio watches in jealous and jokingly screams “LETS GO!”

The group finally finds the perfect spot:  perfect view, access to a bathroom and entrance to the ocean.  Ho Dong gets the genius idea to play rock, paper scissors and the loser has to go into the ocean.  Its a 1 out of 12 chance and the crew spends the next five minutes playing the game.  Typical hudang Seunggi gets caught but he’s not going down alone and asks two other losers be chosen.  Homeless and Puppy lose and the three take off their shoes and run into the ocean.  The 12 are seriously like a bunch of frat boys reveling in the pain of their brothers.  I love it.

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