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Infinity Challenge: The Great Birth Part 1

Posted on: June 11, 2011

Episode 253

Date:  2011.06.11

Looks like the members of Infinity Challenge are having another song contest.  Each member is paired up with a professional musician who writes them a song and they perform it for a crowd.  Last time they did this, Yoo Jae Suk was teamed up with Tiger JK forming the group “Future Liger” and won first place.  As a reward Jaesuk got to film his own music video and performed with JK on one of Korea’s music shows.  Not only that, the song “Let’s Dance” along with the “Naeng Myun” song by Park Myung Soo and Jessica of SNSD charted on the music charts.

This week’s episode focuses on the initial meeting between comedian and singer.  First up was HaHa who met up with indie darlings 10cm at a coffee shop in HongDae.  As one of the 10cm members Yoon Chul Jong holds his hand up for a high five, Haha tries to be funny by walking right past him.  Yoon gets flustered and spills his drink cracking everyone up.  Haha apologizes and they sit down to come up with a strategy for winning.

Haha assumes that the other comedians are going to go for drama so he want them to perform something fun and energetic.  10cm wants to show the viewers a side of Haha no one has ever seen…maybe the sexy side?  While Haha and 10cm would look good doing raggae 10cm thinks something like Maroon 5 would be sexy and they play “Sunday Morning” for Haha.  As for the lyrics, 10cm wants to write a strong song about relationship i.e. “do you want to date me or do you want to die” type of thing  While all three are losers in the love game, when they sing this song they’re going to be the ones in control.  Whatever the heck that means.

Haha goes “its be nice if mraz did a featuring in the song” and the two go “James Mraz?!”  1ocm then start to play “I’m Yours” and its adorable as Haha plays the jembe with them.  Suddenly outside, a friend of 10cm passes by and Haha invites him in for a jam session.  It seems that its a common occurrence in HongDae (the mecca of Indie) for something like that to occur so Haha sits by looking for another random guitar player to walk by.  I’ve been to HongDae but I didn’t get that vibe…I must have been going to the wrong places.  With the new addition, they four play “Stand by Me” by Ben E. King.  Gah if only everyone in coffee shops sang and played so well.

Over the pond in Japan, Park Myung Soo arrives to meet G-Dragon to talk about their song.  MyungSoo lets him listen to a sample of a beat he’s made which mashes a 1938 old school song with a techno backbeat.  GD starts to crack up but insists its nice.  GD  also lets MyungSoo listen to the song he’s been working on and while its nice, I personally like Myungsoo’s better!  keke.  There’s a part in GD’s song where there’s a long rap and MyungSoo is concerned as to whether he’s going to be able to rap it.  GD tries to sell MyungSoo on his song by saying his boss told him its a shame the song was going to be given to MyungSoo since its so nice.  MyungSoo isn’t fazed and tell YG to mind his own business.  MyungSoo wants something slower and GD decides that he might go disco now.  MyungSoo decides he needs to meet the other members of Big Bang for you know, creative purposes and after Big Bang’s concert MyungSoo meets up with the rest of the crew.

Back in Korea Jung Joon Ha meets up with Sweet Sorrow after JoonHa’s musical performance.  Sweet Sorrow is known for their harmonies and the entire group begins to sing and everyone is surprised at how good the harmony is.  JoonHa doesn’t want a slow song and Sweet Sorrow says that even if it’s faster, they can add a bit of ballad to it to make it more interesting.  Its going to be a love song so if JoonHa has any suggestions let the group know and they’ll write something nice up.  And Joon Ha doesn’t look so bad in make up!

At another auditorium, PSY performs a concert for his fans while Noh Hyung Chul looks on in excitement.  By the end of the concert, Psy bring HyungChul on stage and they sing “Sunset Glow” by Lee Moon Sae together in front of a screaming audience.  Backstage Psy tells Hyung Chul that he’s been working on the song, and its going to be mad sexy.  Its called “Sixth Sense” and Hyung Chul drops.  Psy purposely called it Sixth Sense because Noh Hyung Chul has a lisp and can’t say the title properly.  So Mean!

Across town in the MBC building Jung Hyung Don meets with Jung Jae Hyung a composer, musician and professor.  HyungDon watches as Jae Hyung helps edit music for a documentary and its really interesting how precise and intune this guy is.  Afterwards the two are extremely awkward as they don’t seem to have much in common.  HyungDon promises that if JaeHyung helps with his music HyungDon will help with his fashion lol.  HyungDon wants something dark and depressing but JaeHyung wants him to do Tango.  Eventually Jae Hyung says that he’s going to work on a fast song in the next week and they go their own way.

Gil meets up with Bada where she forces him to drink something pretty nasty for health reasons and then laughs and jumps around like a prankster.  I don’t understand how her and Won Bin were a couple.  Won Bin seems to be the complete opposite of Bada and I find it strange that their personalities meshed.  Although obviously they didn’t work out so I guess I was right.  Anyways, Bada goes around Gil’s studio being a bit nosey and they find momentos from Gil’s past including an old notebook filled with raps and letters from Gil’s mom.  Bada used to do the same thing with the letters her mom wrote and the two reminisce about their past.  Bada begins to cry as she remembers her own mother who had recently passed away.  While her mom was sick Bada continued her musical performances.  Bada refused to take a break from the show because she thought her mom wouldn’t like her quitting.  Bada was so busy trying to show her mom how well she was doing that she regrets not being by her mom’s side during her last days.

Gil opens up his heart to Bada and tells her that in 5th grade his father had gotten sick and ended up in a vegetative state.  The family had to put up the house as collateral for his hospital bills and they lived like that for 10 years.  He doesn’t know why but he just kept getting into more and more trouble.  He just didn’t like the entire situation and he didn’t want to go home so he’s stay out as long as possible.  After some time, his uncle (his mom’s brother) confessed to Gil that he’d had told Gil’s mom to run away and Gil’s mom had answered that she I love her husband that there was no way she would leave him or her children.  Gil says that his mom is the greatest woman in the world and cries.

After their talk the two decide to make a song about love.  Love not only for their parents but for their children and their lovers.  Gil decides to call it “The song only I can sing” and we get to see Gil in mid-creative process.  I love moments like this because we get to see a glimpse of their love for music.

A few days later, HyungDon is back meeting up with Jae Hyung who’s called Hyungdon out.  The two get into JaeHyung’s car only he doesn’t know how to drive it and makes Hyungdon drive which seems to infuriate Hyundon.  JaeHyung decides that its time to go stalk JaeSuk and HyungDon is utterly amazed at JaeHyung’s nonchalant attitude.  I guess JaeHyung has only been interested in music all this time because he had no idea the cameras could tape on their own.  While the two decide to go stalk JaeSuk, Jaesuk arrives in a parking lot to meet Lee Juk.  Lee Juk had been in Hong Kong so these two are the last team to meet.

While Jaesuk and Lee Juk banter, HyungDon and JaeHyung spot them and try to look as inconspicuous as possible as they freak out about getting caught.  Worst tails ever.  Jaesuk and Lee Juk get in their cars and talk about their song.  The two agree that it has to be a fun song and Lee Juk decides that they need to write the lyrics first.  Jaesuk thinks they they should sing about his experiences going clubbing but later ends up talking about his career and how he’s been so busy working that he doesn’t have much time for himself.  Interestingly Jaesuk says that he doesn’t like to talk about himself (which now looking back on his career, I see is true).

Jaesuk and Lee Juk arrive at their destination and walk down a tree lined path and they both joke that they get the feeling of club music.  While they talk about their impending song, Lee Juk plays a bit of “Fortunate” and Jaesuk tries to join only it doesn’t sound so great.  The two then decide to freestyle and Jaesuk names his freestyle “Yesterday wasn’t special.”   In the meantime Hyungdon and JaeHyung get into Jaesuk’s car and wait for their return.   Jaesuk and Lee Juk end up getting in their car and not even noticing the two at first.  When they finally see the two, Jaehyung begs Jaesuk to switch places with Hyungdon because the two don’t match.

The four end up in in a beautiful garden and peruse the area finding not only huge jars filled with alcohol but a grand piano.  Random much?  The four split up to work on their songs and while Team Jaesuk tries to remember their song ideas, Team Hyungdon decides to play chopsticks on the piano breaking Team Jaesuk’s concentration.

Next week we get to see each team composing and then performing their songs for each other.

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