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Gil Reveals His Heartbreaking Past

Posted on: June 11, 2011

In the latest episode of Infinity Challenge, Gil and Bada (formerly of SES) meet in Gil’s recording studio and reminisce about their mothers.  Bada who had recently lost her mother talks about her regrets saying that instead of working so hard performing musicals, she should have stayed by her mother’s hospital bed.

Gil then reveals that when he was in 5th grade his father suddenly fell ill and entered a vegetative state.  The family had to sell their home to pay for the medical bills and for 10 years he acted up and didn’t listen to his mom.  The family was living in a basement and Gil hated being at home, seeing his mom and sisters as well as his father suffering.  So instead, he’d try to stay out late at night and basically spent his youth playing around instead of studying or helping out his mom.

His dad did end up waking up and being able to walk.  When things eventually got better Gil’s uncle (his mom’s brother) revealed he they had told Gil’s mom to run off.  However his mom refused saying she had married for love and there was no way she would leave her husband or her child.  If he was going to say those things she told him to never come back to their home.  Gil started to cry as he revealed all these past events and in the end stated that his mom was the greatest person in the world.

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