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City Hunter

Posted on: June 9, 2011

I told myself to refrain from watching this drama.  I didn’t want to fall into the Lee Minho trap.  I had been able to resist his charms in Boys over Flowers and faired pretty well watching Personal Taste.  When I heard he was going to play a brooding superhero playboy (aka Bruce Wayne) I knew I would have no chance.  So I decided not to watch.

But then I got bored and watched a few scenes which turned into a few hours and now I’m busy stalking him online.  Oh gah he looks good.  He’s not even my type but his charisma and solid acting just sucks me in.  Somebody help!

One thing that really bothers me is that Park Min Young is supposed to be an elite bodyguard.  Not that she can’t play one but the fact that they don’t even try to be realistic with her.  Any girl whose been in a fist fight knows that you can’t keep your hair in a pony tail.  Why?  Because once your opponent grabs the hair they’ve got control over your head and neck and any sharp move you make they can counter and force you into painful positions.  Thats why you either 1) put it into a bun or 2) cut it short.

Also, no earrings!  Seriously am I the only girl who knows this?  If anyone gets a hold of your earring they’re going that rip that straight out hoping to take a chunk of skin with them.  Granted she wears small earrings but come on!  Next thing I know she’s going to show up with gold hoops or something.

I know it’s a tv show but for some reason it really bothers me considering how hard Lee Minho is working to give off an air of realism.

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