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Best Love Episode 12

Posted on: June 9, 2011

While Aejung and Dokko kiss, Piljoo walks home rejected and alone.  Poor poor Piljoo.

Aejung and Dokko drive around thinking of things to do but it’s so late nothing is open so Dokko suggests they go back to his place.  He’s got food and games galore!  Plus, he can also show her his awesome potato.  Aejung rejects his idea and he goes “damn you’re not fun” to which she seductively grabs his hand saying “because you said I’m no fun.”  Dokko realizes he’s run out of gas so they go to the gas station but Aejung is self conscious and hides behind a blanket.  Can’t have the god Dokko hanging out with the pleb Aejung.  At the gas station the attendants realize its Dokko and start to gossip as to whose is hiding under the blanket.  Dokko feels bad for putting Aejung in this position so he tightly grasps her hand waiting until they are done.

Once out of sight Aejung takes off the blanket and says how grateful that he had a blanket in his car.  Dokko holds her hand and tells her to be quiet because he feels bad about the entire situation.  Suddenly Aejung tells him to pull over and he thinks she’s going to leave only for her to tell him she wants to buy food and have a picnic at his place.  Dokko lights up and goes OKAY!~

At Dokko’s place, he shows Aejung his potato and they joke about potato flowers blooming.  Dokko puts the moves on Aejung and leans in for a kiss only to be interrupted by his drunk manager Jaesuk.  He grabs Dokko and talks about how he wishes he could tell everyone about his “heart” (which can also mean feelings) and Aejung misunderstands the situation and thinks Jaesuk is in love with Dokko.  It doesn’t help that he’s feeling Dokko up.  Dokko freaks out and Aejung tries to calm Jaesuk wondering how miserable he must have been all this time.

Dokko finally gets Jaesuk up to his room where Jaesuk in a drunken stupor begs Dokko not to die.  Awww.  While Dokko hold back tears he sees Aejung and jokes “too bad I couldn’t show you more than the potato.  Because of a CF contract I can’t just go naked anytime I want”.  Aejung jokes back that its a shame and Dokko still hiding his sadness asks if she wants a peek.

Back at Jenny’s restaurant Jenny and Aejung’s brother wonders why Jaesuk got so wasted and Jenny thinks its because of her and decides to treat Jaesuk like a man now.  This enrages Aehwan who laments “did that night mean nothing to you?!!!”  oh snap.  Jenny coolly tells him that it was nothing but he asks whey she kept calling him for favors, to paint the walls, etc.  Oh men are so simple.

Dokko thinks it time to tell Director Moon about his life and death situation, wanting her to start the ball rolling on closing up his accounts, etc.  They both hold back their emotions because it’s not like them to be all emotional about things like dying.  Since Director Moon now knows everything she asks Dokko about Aejung and Dokko tells Moon that he’s going to keep his image clean in case he lives and if he dies, he’s going to give everything he has to Aejung.

Piljoo has been spending his time wallowing in his misery by eating ramen and finishing their couple puzzle.  He’s almost done but there’s one piece missing and as he searches for it Aejung comes by with a fruit basket.  As Aejung puts the basket on the floor Piljoo spots the missing piece and sends the basket flying.  Aejung doesn’t understand what just happened and says “you must be really mad.  I’m sorry for coming.”  As she goes to pick up the bananas Piljoo steps on them scaring her even more.  And as a topping, Aejung tries to leave and trips over Piljoo’s feet.

Piljoo finally gets Aejung to understand it was all a misunderstanding and Piljoo puts the last piece of the puzzle together and says he’s “organized” his feelings.  He tries to joke with her by pretending to throw the fruit basket and gently rolls them on to the kitchen table but Aejung isn’t a fool.  She apologizes for everything but Piljoo, ever the nice guy tells her its okay he’s putting things back one by one so she doesn’t need to worry.  After she leaves Piljoo really cleans the place one by one, organizing his place and in effect organizing his feelings for her.  Oh closure…if it were only so easy.

Aejung gets the opportunity to host Section TV, a popular entertainment show.  Dokko thinks its ironic seeing that she’d been hounded by shows like this all her life and now she’s going to go around asking about scandals?  Aejung says that she knows what it feels like to be on the other side so she could seem more humane.  Plus she had to do well because she’s leaving Couple Making which make Dokko nod in agreement.  Aejung feels bad but Dokko reminds her that Piljoo got great exposure from the show for both him and his business.  Aejung says while Dokko might have fake relationships for CF purposes Piljoo isn’t like that.

Dokko wonders why Aejung brought Ding Dong over and Aejung replies its because they’re best friends.  Puah.  Dokko tries to get Ding Dong to go home so he can spend some alone time with Aejung but Ding Dong wants to watch TV and says he’s on episode 1.  Theres 30 episode to this show so he’s going to be here for a while.  Dokko rejected, sits on the remote which turns the tv off.  Dokko suddenly gets an idea and tries to hide the remote only for Ding Dong to see Dokko in mid sneak.  Ding Dong takes the remote but kid is so nice that he decides not to watch and Dokko tells him to watch all 30 episodes whenever he can.  There’s no point in watching just one episode a day because no one knows if they’re going to have time in the future.

Dokko and Aejung’s side work out the details of their “break up” and they’re going to make it look like it was a mutual break.  “Don’t go putting sad ballads up on your personal homepage” Dokko replies.  LOL.  Seri laments that she used to like Dokko more when he was all about his pride.  “You’re not really going to let Aejung take you down to her level” she asks and Dokko replies that no he’s might go up all the way to heaven.

While Piljoo meets up with the producer of Couple Making to tell him his intent to leave the show, Aejung meets with the producers of Section TV.  They are going to put her on the “Star Date” segment which has the host go on a date with a star.  Dokko decides he needs to go on a date with her and gets his office to schedule a “star date” immediately.

Aejung is nervous and flubs her line but Dokko the professional helps her with her MC duties.  How cute!  First they go to eat dukbokki and Dokko says that dukbokki is okay but he likes kimbap with no cucumbers kekeke.  Dokko suggests that they feed each other, you know for the audience get her to feed him some food.  Next they go to the arcades where Dokko teaches Aejung how to shoot hoops (for the show of course keke).  While walking down the street to continue their “date” Dokko sees a jewelry shop and offers to buy her something since its her first time on Section TV.  Dokko picks out a white heart shaped pendant and gently puts it on her commenting how nice it looks on her.  ~heart~

The final shoot is in a bar and Aejung asks Dokko to say something to the viewing audience.  Dokko tells the camera that he and Seri have broken up which surprises everyone including Aejung.  Seri gets word of the announcement and begins her side of the PR machine.  While she’s agreed to say the breakup was mutual it doesn’t mean she can’t look sad so she puts in some eye drops and faces the press looking contrite.

At the airport the evil manager and his evil idol group get ready to board a flight when he sees Mina with her baby and husband.  The evil manager introduces himself to Mina’s husband who doesn’t seem to know much about her past except that she was a singer.  The manager trades business cards with her husband and we find out shes married to an American international lawyer (lol at that business card).  Mina looks concerned and the manager tells her to call him, or should he call her husband.  Mina jumps and insists she will call the manager soon.  Ohhh now its getting inneresting.

Piljoo is still a bit wounded stares at the finished puzzle when Seri calls him to come and drink with her.  Piljoo’s not in the mood for her antics and declines her advances to which Seri threatens that she’s going to get wasted all by herself.  He better come or she might be taken advantage of!  Piljoo’s guilt gets the best of him and as Seri begins to walk out, she sees Piljoo and runs back to her private room and pretends to be wasted.  “Kang Seri, I just saw you running back in here.”  Hahahah caught!

Piljoo asks Seri to get her feelings in order and she tells him its not that easy, as if he can do it so easily.  Piljoo tells her that he’s working on it and Seri not wanting him to see her cry tells him to leave fumbling for a box of tissues.  Piljoo gets up to get her a new box of tissues but sees her quietly crying and decides to walk away.  In his car he looks at the puzzle says “I thought I put everything in order” but its obvious that he’s not over Aejung and he begins to cry.  I want to hug Piljoo.  😦

Dokko meets up with his doctor for dinner.  Dokko wants to make sure that the doc can fix him because he suddenly wants to live like he’s never had.  Awww.  In the same restaurant, Piljoo is having dinner with his Uncle who tell him to quit Couple Making.  Piljoo looks so sad as he says thats what he was planning on doing.

Dokko’s doctor and Piljoo’s uncle see each other and it looks like the two have a doctor bromance going.  Piljoo overhears Dokko’s doctor saying he’s got a huge operation coming up and when Piljoo’s uncle tells him that it’s Dokko’s doctor, Piljoo puts two and two together.  After some investigation  Piljoo confirms that Dokko is dying and goes to meet up with Dokko asking Dokko to tell Aejung.  Dokko says that there’s a chance that he can live so if Piljoo says anything to Aejung he’s a dead man.


Hmmm right before Piljoo and Dokko have their “i’mma kill you” talk you see Aejung leaving her house.  One guess:  she went to see Dokko and over hears the entire conversation.

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