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Gossip Girl

Posted on: June 8, 2011

Omg I love gossip and the best come from ahjummas.  This is gossip so it’s probably not true but this is what they told me about Cha Seung Won and his wife.  Its pretty obvious that he got married because he knocked her up but supposedly she was afraid he would leave her after he became famous.  Which isn’t that much of a stretch.  There have been many many stories of women who supported their men’s dreams through financial and emotional struggles only for the same man to divorce or cheat on them after the man becomes famous.  Anyways, from what the ahjumma tells me there were rampant rumors of Cha being unfaithful to his wife so the two ended up having another kid to quell the rumors.  Thats the reason why Cha’s two children have such a huge age gap.

Ahjumma #2 then told me that Lee Seung Hwan and Shin Ae Ra were a couple until Shin broke his heart and married Cha In Pyo.  Supposedly Lee Seung Hwan never got over it and married Chae Rim out of spite.  Ehhh, while I might see some truth in the Cha Seung Won rumor its hard to think this one holds any water.  Shin and Cha got married like in 1995 while Lee and Chae Rim got married 10 years later.  I doubt it took him 10 years to rebound.

2 Responses to "Gossip Girl"

lsh was a lucky dog to have chae rim, she’s young (14 years younger than him), pretty, rich and famous, kind… too bad the marriage was over

Hi! I’m a Shin Ae-ra fan and so surprised to hear about this… I don’t speak/read Korean but into Korean dramas 🙂 I wonder if you know of any site (other than youtube) that would have Eng subtitles for Shin Ae-ra interviews?
Anyway, onto the topic… I wonder what “she broke his heart” meant? I supposed that she was already separated from Lee Seung Hwan before she has gotten involved with Cha in Pyo. She seems to be a really nice and good-natured person, maybe that’s why it was hard for Lee to froget about her. I read that most of his songs in his 4th album were about Shin Aera. I wonder if it’s true?!

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