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Best Love Episode 11

Posted on: June 8, 2011

So Aejung and Dokko are stuck in Dokko’s apartment because the press is casing the place to get a picture.  How scandalous would it be for Aejung and come out of his apartment so late at night.  Aejung is concerned and Dokko tells her not to worry, the vintage car he has in his apartment is operational and he’s got a secret bat cave they can leave out of.  Aejung says its a lie but Dokko promises to tell her the truth if she makes curry for him.   But no potatoes!  Dokko says that potatoes aren’t for eating they’re for growing and they eat the curry without any potatoes.  Damn now I want some curry.  If only my parents were so against prepackage curry.  I hate having to make a huge vat of curry just so I can eat one bowl.  Arg.  As she cooks he blows on her burnt arm and she tells him to stop and go blow on the guy’s face he punched.

After dinner they get into the vintage car and Dokko tells her that his heart is broken and the car they are sitting in is also broken.  She can run as hard as she wants but he’s going to come after her because right now his heart is broken and he needs to recharge.  But once his heart returns to 60-90 he’ll be okay.  Dokko leaves the apartment and leaves Aejung alone in the vintage car asking herself “I guess the only reason he let me in this car was because it was broken.”

Piljoo comes to Jenny’s restaraunt looking for Aejung and finds out from Aejung’s brother and Jenny that the manager hates Aejung for breaking up National Treasure.  However Jenny knows there was some issue with Mina but isn’t sure what it was.  Aejung’s brother lets out that Dokko punched that manager and that Aejung went to see Dokko.

Dokko arrives at the hospital to “apologize” to the manager.  The manager accepts his apology and tells him next time he won’t be so nice.  Dokko responds “next time there is an incident like this I won’t hold back.  If you hurt Aejung one more time I’ll break you.”  Dokko threatens that he’s make him the bad guy in the entire situation because he’s got the power here.  Suddenly Dokko comes close to the manager’s face and goes “ho” since Aejung had told him to do just that during the curry dinner.

Director Moon gave the press what they wanted and explained to them that Dokko left the awards ceremony because of his secret heart issue.  Moon is pissed that Dokko missed his opportunity to tell the world about his Hollywood role and Dokko responds that he’s not going, he wants to save something here.

At home Dokko looks at his potato and wonders if the potato flowers will the poison in its stem disappear?

Cut back to Dokko meeting with Seri who had no idea that scar on his chest was because of a heart implant.  Seri knows everything that happened at the awards ceremony and asks whehther he really loves Aejung.  Seri volunteers her cupid ways but Dokko isn’t impressed.  He knows her too well to know that she’s not the type to be nice for no reason.  Seri replies that she likes Piljoo and if Dokko and Aejung do well she can start her work on Piljoo.

Seri ends up at Piljoo’s office to tell him what actually occurred at the awards.  Piljoo already knows and tells her to stop being so jealous of Aejung.  Seri retorts that she is jealous (but for other reasons) and asks why he isn’t.  Piljoo says that yes he’s jealous and its hard.

Then back to the entertainment office where Aejung is singing autographs.  Dokko’s manager brings in a lifesized cardboard cutouff of him and Aejung in a moment of frustration starts punching it only she’s got a marker in her hand and ends up leaving a mole on Dokko’s face.  She freaks out and tries to clean it off by blowing on it (who does that?!) and Dokko walks in and thinks Aejung was making kissy faces with his picture.  Dokko offers to give her the real thing and poses in the same position as his cutout while Aejung insists she was just cleaning a marker spot from his face.

Dokko and Aejung sit down and Dokko tells Aejung that whatever he says its a joke.  If he says he wants to marry her its a joke.  Aejung replies Ding Dong!  Even if he says he’s going to die, its a joke.  Aejung is caught off guard and asks if that’s something to joke about.  Dokko replies “because I’m Dongko.”

At the hospital the manager is having a meeting with the manager of the boy bander who had dated Mina.  The manager isn’t going to let Dokko and Aejung off so easily and starts to actively search for Mina.  He hoped that the boybander would know but he’s currently in China.

Back home at Dokko’s apartment, Dokko and his manager are watching 3D tv when his manager asks what happened when he went to the hospital.  Dokko replies “you might not be my manager for much longer.”  While Dokko doesn’t tell him about his heart predicament, the manager tear up because he knows its serious.

The doctors are know looking for a way to fix Dokko and have a meeting looking into cures and the doctor answer that they have to prepare for surgery in a month which he tells Dokko.

Dokko come back home and decides to be patient and don’t go running off to see Aejung.  He tells himself to wait and wait until he finally relents and ends up at Aejung’s place to Ding Dong’s greeting.  Ding Dong asks Dokko to get his Nintendo 3D which his promptly does and tells Ding Dong not to tells his aunt.  Ding Dong wonders if Dokko came to secretly see his aunt Dokko replies “i’m not a pervert stalker!”  Which of course means he is.

While Ding Dong goes off to play with his friend Dokko looks around the house and sees the herbal medicine Piljoo had left for Aejung.  He grabs one and goes to Aejung’s room.  He tells himself that he’s not a stalker he’s Dokko Jin!  Which means he has to knock before breaking in.  Once in her room Dokko finds her makeup cream and loves how it smells like Aejung so he puts a little under his nose.  That’s not creepy at all!

Suddenly Aejung comes home and Dokko panics, drops the herbal medicine, steps on same medicine getting it all over his feet and on the floor.  Dokko grabs the first thing he sees which ends up being Aejung’s shorts which he uses to clean the floor before he hurriedly jumps across her bed to hid behind a rack of clothes.  In the process he leaves two brown footprints on the bed and sprains his ankle.

Aejung starts changing only for Dokko to gasp in pain and Aejung not knowing who it is starts screaming for her brother.  Dokko tackles her on to the bed and tells her that it’s him Dokko!  Like that makes it any better!  At the same moment her brother walks in and Aejung cover Dokko and tells her brother that she’s tired.  Before her brother leaves he sees Dokko’s feet poking out from under the covers and gasps!  “Girl wash your feet!”

Once alone Dokko tries to explain what happened (which probably isn’t the best idea) but Aejung smells her makeup on him and see her pants in his pocket.  Dokko explains “I’m not a pervert!  I’m Dokko Jin.”

Aejung doesn’t want her family to know what occurred so she ends up getting Dokko to the 2nd floor to have him secretly leave.   While tending to Dokko’s sprained ankle she wonders why he came again.  “To recharge” says Dokko and puts his head on hers.  After letting go, Dokko tells her that he’s going to go crazy.  He wants to take her home and make her his charger.  He reminds her that he’s broken and that he wants her to be with him for just one month.  Aejung not knowing how serious his heart situation is gets offended by his words.  I would too.  If someone was like “I just want to spend a month with you and then you can gtfo” I’d be pretty darn offended.

Piljoo’s mom meets up with the producer of Piljoo’s and Aejung’s show complaining about how the producers could be so heartless to make Piljoo endure such embarrassment by being coupled with Aejung.  The producer tells her that Piljoo is the one that likes Aejung and Aejung doesn’t like him back.  Aejung is only pretending to reciprocate his feelings for the show.  Piljoo’s mom goes to Aejung’s family to confirm and Ding Dong! answers cute little Ding Dong.  His mom freaks out because she’s afraid her son’s going to get his heart broken.  Awww.

Aejung arrives at Piljoo’s office and they talk it out once again.  Aejung says she’s sorry, Piljoo says he’s going to support her and to let Dokko go, etc etc.  Same conversation, different words.

At the office Director Moon gives Aejung a master copy of her new song and tells Aejung she’s got a CF lined up for her too.  As a favor Moon asks Aejung to convince Dokko to go to Hollywood.  Moon wants Aejung to cut him off definitely.  Don’t be wishy washy and just pull the band aid off as they would say.  I couldn’t agree more.   I hate people who can’t cleanly end a relationship.  If you want to break up, break up and leave.  Don’t play with my heart and make me believe you’re coming back and….ooops I digress.

Aejung comes home and decides to get rid of the sneakers that Dokko recovered for her and cries while Ding Dong secretly looks on.  Ding Dong cries with her as they both seem to understand she’s letting Dokko go.

Later we see Seri and the mean old manager talking about Mina who has now changed her name to Hye Jin.  Seri goes to Piljoo’s office to get Mina’s number and the front desk tells Seri that she can’t give out a patient’s information.  Instead the woman tells Seri when Mina’s next appointment is and Seri leaves.  Piljoo sees her leaving and finds out from the front desk why Seri came.  Piljoo’s mental gears start turning but it doesn’t seem Piljoo’s got much of a plan.  He meets Jenny who tells him that Seri and Mina didn’t get along.

Piljoo sees Ding Dong searching the recycle bins and asks what he’s doing.  Piljoo helps Ding Dong recover the sneakers and Piljoo tells Ding Dong that her aunt is going to get angry since Aejung threw them out because she doesn’t like them anymore.  Ding Dong angrily replies that its not the case.  She was crying over the shoes and it means a lot to her.  I love Ding Dong.  Can I kidnap and adopt him please?

Back at the entertainment offices, Aejung practices her lines with Dokko’s cut out.  She’s going to tell Dokko to leave her life but Dokko walks up behind her and catches her in mid sentence.  Dokko tells her to come to his house and Aejung realizes that she’s been too compliant with him.  She came and left whenever Dokko wanted so today she tells Dokko she wants to go on a picnic.  She asks him whether he’s willing to wait for her and if so come wait for her at her house.  Dokko tells her he’ll wait for her.  The entire time Aejung is planning not to come.

Aejung leaves to film Couple Making and asks Piljoo to help her stay away from Dokko today.  Piljoo and Aejung do a puzzle for the filming and as Piljoo looks on he helps her with a piece and tells Aejung  “I’ll help.   If its hard just follow me.”  NOOO Piljoo!  This isn’t going to end well.

After filming Piljoo and Aejung go out to dinner and stay out.  When they finally get to Aejung’s house they see Dokko in his car still waiting for her, dressed to the nines.  Piljoo holds Aejung’s hand and tells her to follow him.  As the two walk into Aejung’s house Dokko quietly cries.

Once out of view Aejung lets go of Piljoo’s hand and begins to cry because she knows how much she hurt Dokko.  She then apologizes to Piljoo for putting him in this position.  Piljoo takes out her phone and tells her he never deleted the text message she received from Dokko during filming.  While Aejung insisted Piljoo delete it and didn’t want to see what Dokko had written, Piljoo knew better and gives her the phone.   There is a picture of the potato Dokko was growing with the follwoing words:  “Goo Aejung, I’ve been growing that potato you gave me.  They say the sprout is poison but it looks like its going to bloom.  I can’t come to you because I’m broken so please come to me this time, so I won’t shut off and be moved, come and recharge me.”

Aejung walks down to see Dokko sleeping in his car.  Over the window, she cups her hand over his cheek and Dokko wakes up finding her in that position.  Aejung replies “you bastard!  recharge” and Dokko reaches out of his window and grabs Aejung for a kiss.

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