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MBC Star Audition Documentary

Posted on: June 6, 2011

Interesting behind the scenes look at how the three finalists Baek Chung Kang, Lee Tae Kwon and Shayne Orok spent the last few weeks of the competition.  I’m amazed at Lee Tae Kwon’s English abilities.  His accent is pretty darn good.

During the second or third live episode of the show we got to see the mentee apartment filled to the brim with food.  What surprised me was the amount of prepackaged curries and sauces they stocked in the kitchen.  Is that the primary dietary meal for struggling artists?  I mean yeah even though I eat delicious cooked meals daily, there are times when I just want to microwave a bag of curry and open up a can of SPAM.  Doesn’t mean I’d enjoy eating that stuff every day.

Here’s part 1.  Part 2-4 is on the guy’s youtube page.

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