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Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook

Posted on: June 5, 2011

In a poem by Beau Sia, he writes

I used to kiss her
while listening to the cure’s
“just like heaven.”
now I don’t see her anymore,
so that song makes me sad.
why must we associate music
with our love lives?

Now isn’t that the truth…or in my case “why must we associate music with our dramas?!!!”  The 99th episode of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook centered around songs from dramas.  Thank goodness they didn’t play “Snowflower” from “I’m Sorry I Love You” oh wait they did.  Commence crying.

First up was Jung Yup singing “There’s Nothing Wrong” from the recent drama 49 days.  I watched that drama for Jung Ilwoo and I was so disappointed at how small his role was.  I kept watching Jung Yup perform and thought “something is different” and figured it was all in my head.  Later he points out that he shaved his beard.  I seriously have a bad case of face blindness.

After Jung Yup’s performance, Baek JiYoung aka the Queen of OSTs performed “Don’t Forget Me” from the drama Iris.  This is one of the dramas I refuse to watch because I’m not a fan of Kim Tae Hee.  Maybe it has to do with me being scarred watching her as the evil sister from Stairway to Heaven or maybe I’m a jealous fat hater.  Her acting just makes me angry for no apparent reason.  I do love this song but like every Baek song, it’s incredibly hard to sing at Karaoke.  So freaking hard…

During the interview, Baek Jiyoung jokes that she was confused because she thought she was on another program (I am a Singer) since both her and Jung Yup were on that show as well.  And not only did Jung Yup shave, he got rid of the eyeliner or as I like to call it, Guyliner.  Baek says that when she sings, she sort of becomes Kim Tae Hee and in effect gets to be with Lee Byung Hyun.  The three then reenacted that famous snowman scene from “Winter Sonata.”  Disturbed at Yoo Hee Yeol’s kissing sounds.

Baek Ji Young then got up to sing her most recent hit from the drama Secret Garden called “That Woman.”  Oh I miss Hyun Bin.  Supposedly the reason why he got so much press for joining the marines is because the Korean Marines are infamous for their training.  The legends of Korean marines killing 40 viet congs, robot unicorns, and lions with their bare hands abound making them a group of scary mother fockers.  But I digress.

Next up is Mr. Yoo himself singing “Thankful” from the drama “Alone in Love” starring Son Ye Jin and Gam Woo Sung.  I never watched this drama and don’t know the song so it didn’t hit me like the other performances but it was nice seeing Yoo Hee Yeol sing.

Also from the same drama is a song called “No Matter What I think I…” by Sweet Sorrow.  I love Sweet Sorrow!  They’re hilarious and the harmonies are awesome so I’m glad to see them on broadcast television.  During the interview the group didn’t realize how big the song would become.  Yoo also gets two of them to sing a bit of their favorite drama song.

Sweet Sorrow and Yoo share MC duties and read some comments from the show’s website to introduce the next song.  A commenter tells the show that he has a girlfriend who loved the drama “Lovers in Paris” so he decided to recreate a famous scene where the main character gets up in front of a crowd and sings Yurisangja’s “Can I Love” to his girlfriend.  The commenter took his girlfriend to a cafe, sat down on the piano and began to sing, only the key he was singing in was too high.  By the time he got to the middle of the song everyone was cracking up.

Out comes Yurisangja singing the song.  When it’s Lee Sae Joon’s turn to sing he cheekily sings it in a high key making everyone laugh.  An American friend once asked me why Koreans ask permission to love someone.  All I could think in reply was to play her this song but if I could go back in time I’d respond “its better than forcing someone to love you?”

The next commenter wrote that her boyfriend likes to imitate actors from dramas.  In particular in the drama “I’m Sorry I Love You” So Jisup tries to get Im Sujung to eat and there’s a famous line that goes “Do you want to eat or do you want to kiss me.  Do you want to eat or do you want to live with me.  Do you want to eat or do you want to sleep with me.  Do you want to eat or do you want to die with me?!!!”  Her boyfriend will say those lines and ask “it was the same right?”  While it’s unbelievable her boyfriend is so cute she feels like she’s living her own beautiful drama.

While the main OST version was sung by Park Hyo Shin they couldn’t get him for the show since he’s currently in the army so they asked Seo Young Eun to perform the female version of the song.  I loved loved loved this drama and cried a bucketful during each episode so when she started singing the nostalgia totally covered me.

Next up with Lucid Fall singing “When I fell in Love” by Ha Rim.  I’ve never heard of the drama “Try to Take my Heart” or the song since I was a bit too young when it aired so I didn’t have any emotional attachment which is fine with me since by this point was I searching youtube for So Ji Sup clips.

Afterwards YeSung from Super Junior came on stage to sing “If It isn’t You” from the drama Cinderella’s Sister.  If anything good came out of that train wreck of a drama it was this song.  I wonder if K.R.Y from Super Junior still performs because some of their songs are pretty awesome.

Then a song from my favorite drama ever “My Name is Kim Sam Soon.”  No drama, not even I’m Sorry I Love You has come close to Kim Sam Soon.  While Hyun Bin’s acting left much to be desired, everything else from Kim Sunah’s acting to the directing was amazing.  2/3 of Clazziquai performed “She Is.”  Yoo Hee Yeol asked what the two were up to and Alex stated he was busy raising the twins (a joke referring to his role as a baby daddy on “Smile Donghae”) while Horan was busy preparing for her next album.

Last up was Cha Soo Kyung singing “I Can’t Forgive” from Temptation of a Wife.  Another drama I never finished watched.  Maybe one day.

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