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I am a Singer Episode 13

Posted on: June 5, 2011

Last week BMK fell to last place while Ok Ju Hyun came in first.  This week the mission was “Songs Recommended by the Audience”.  The audience members from last week were polled and a selection of songs for each singer was placed on the wheel.

Lee Sora is first up to the wheel and her songs were pretty old school.  I would have really liked if she ended up with Nell’s Limit but she ends up with Sunflower’s “The person makes me happy.”  Next is JK Kim Dong Wook ends up with Han Young Ae’s “Tuning” but unfortunately JK has never heard of the song.  Actually I’m really surprised at most of the song choices that the audience made because most of them are not mainstream radio hits.

Third is Ok Ju Hyun who lands on Kim Gum Mo’s “Love is Leaving”.  Kim’s been on the show and his songs have been featured numerous times by different singers.  He’s haunting the show!  eek.  Kim Bum Soo had a strange collection of recommended songs ranging from 2PM’s Again and Again to Nam Jin’s “With You.”  He ends up with Nam Jin and he promises to dance.  Oh dear this isn’t going to be pretty.

Park Jung Hyun probably had the most mainstream selection of songs and ends up with Panic’s “The Sea inside my old Drawer” which she likes but reminds her of Boohwal’s “Sonagi” which she sang and placed last.  YB ends up with Five Finger’s “Morning Train” while BMK ends up with Boohwal’s “The Story of You and the Rain.”  Rock and Roll Baby~

The episode only revealed the singer’s practice session and personally the two memorable performances were Kim Bum Soo and BMK.  First place was Kim Bum Soo who channeled James Brown for his practice session and while it was hilarious and entertaining I hope he cleans it up for the real thing.  But I was more impressed with BMK’s performance.  She was nervous because she’s never sung a rock ballad but I was floored at how good she was and I loved that YB was rocking by the end of her performance.

MBC keeps changing the format.  I thought they were going to show two live performances each week and then split the elimination week into two but they just showed a practice session instead of the live performance.  The vote this week was only between the 7 singers so it doesn’t really count for anything but there it is:

1.  Kim Bum Soo
2.  Park jung Hyun
3.  BMK
4.  JK Kim Dong Wook
5.  YB
6.  Lee Sora
7.  Ok Ju Hyun

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