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1 Night 2 Days Celebrity Edition Part 3

Posted on: June 5, 2011

We start off where they left off last week.  Na PD caught the group red handed eating a pot of ramen.  While Um Taewoong, Lee Suguen and Eun Jiwon pretended they had no idea what was going on, Seo Woo was so hungry she didn’t even care and continued to eat.

While the crew got ready for the dinner games we got to see the inner thoughts of the actresses the moment they were about to fall into the water.  Choi Jiwoo had planned to fall into the water and gently stand up while swiping her hair away from face like they do in the movies.  Unfortunately for her everything went blank when she hit the water and instead of looking like a goddess she ended up looking like a flailing fish out of water.

And now for my favorite part of the show:  Bok Bul Bok.  The two groups played a series of games to win ingredients for the night’s dinner:  Sam Gyup Sal and Kimchi Jiggae.  If there was a zombie apocalypse and I had one meal left before turning into the walking dead it would be this exact meal.  MMMMMmmmm.

But before playing any games, the resident queen bee Kim Soomi forced everyone to pick someone to marry from the group.  She’s trying to form so lovelines specifically Lee Seunggi + Choi Ji Woo and Kim Haneul + Um Tae Woong.  So childish.  I love it.

First up was Kang Ho Dong who chose Choi Ji Woo but Choi Ji Woo turns around and picks Lee Su Geun who immediately picks her back.  Kim Ha Neul is next and Um Tae Woong waits in anticipation only for her to raise her hands and scream KANG HO DONG knocking Um Tae Woong out.  Um decides to pick Kim Soo Mi who then surprises everyone by picking Kim Jong Min and says “I might be shorter than Hyun Young (his past girlfriend)” which cracks everyone up.  Poor Kim Jong Min, no one’s ever going to let that relationship go are they.

Now for the games.  First up is the kimchi and the teams play Human Zero.  Team 1 is situated in a sitting position.  One member of the opposing team calls out a number between 0 and 6 and if the same number of people actually stand up, Team 1 loses.  The odds are in favor of the sitting team but immediately Team Puma (Kim Soo Mi’s team) falls victim to Um Jungah.  Team Naughty (Lee Suguen’s team) wins the kimchi.

Next up is canned tuna.  They play telephone charades where each member of each team line up facing in one direction.  The last person gets a name of a movie and has to convey it to the person in front of him without using any words.  They each go down the line trying to get the name of the movie conveyed to the first person.  Each team has 3 minutes to get as many right as they can.

The editors skip through this game except for one particular movie.  Team Naughty gets “Dirty Dancing” and Lee Suguen decides to go the literal route and begins to dance dirty.  Um Jungah knows what the movie is but can’t convey it to Eun Jiwon.  Time runs out but Lee Suguen gets to dance for Kim Haneul who replies “that’s really too dirty!”  Lee Sugeun went so dirty he ends up having to run to the bathroom.  Can’t stop laughing!

Team Naughty ends up winning the tuna despite the dirty dancing and next up is the ramen noodles.  Na PD gives each team a category and they all have three seconds to name something from that category.  Team Puma has to name one syllable animals which they complete in record time.  Team Naughty is up next and Na PD tells them to name things that end in “Tang.”  Um Jung Ah is first and she goes blank losing the ramen for the team.

Next up is seasoned green onions and the game is simple.  Na PD goes down the line giving simple multiplication problems but its not so easy for Um Tae Woong who answers that 8 x 6 = 56.  Na PD moves to Team Puma who have no luck as Choi Ji Woo ends up as their black hole confidently answering that 8 x 9 = 63.  And when you think it can’t get worst, Um Jung Ah can’t figure out what 6 x 7 is and Kang Ho Dong tells the world 5 x 8 = 45.   Team Naughty finally gets every problem right and wins the green onions.  I can’t hate them because I would be even worse.  I purposely go out of my way to avoid math problems.  Answer math or run a marathon with a baby on my back?  Where’s the baby bjorn is what I say!

The final game is for the big mama pork and it’s easy.  One representative from each team plays one round of rock, paper, scissors.  Choi Ji Woo stands up for Team Puma and Seo Woo is forced to play for Team Naughty.  No one wants to be the one who loses the meat for the team so they force the youngest one to play.  Its like watching a lamb being sent to slaughter which Choi swiftly does and Team Puma wins the prize.

The two teams prepare their winning and I’m turning in to a Kim HanEul fan.  She decides to make kimchi fried rice and while she cooks Eun Jiwon gives her a huge spoonful of rice which she actually ends up finishing.  That’s a girl I can hang with!  Kim also ends up giving some of her fried rice to the resident lackey Dae Joo who replies “I want to eat this everyday!”  He’s so adorable.

The entire group ends up sharing their food and enjoy dinner until its time to designate sleeping quarters for the group.  This time around its every person for themselves.  The game is the “Sense Game” where everyone starts off in a sitting position.  When the game starts someone has to stand up and yell 1!  then another person 2, then 3, then 4 and goes down the line until every one stands up.  However if two people stand up at the same time they are both out.  To make it even harder, if you’re the last one sitting you’re also out.  So it’s a game of strategy.  Do you try to stand up first hoping no one stands up with you or do you hold out waiting for two people to screw up.  The first six that mess up have to sleep outside.

Hilariously the group pokes fun of Choi Ji Woo who has trouble standing up because of her long legs as well as Um Jung Ah who has back problems and gets up like a grandmother.  So slow is JungAh that they call her the female Kim Tae Won.  Its funny because its so spot on.  Both her and Kim Tae Won have health issues that make them seem ages older than they really are.

After several rounds the losers end up being Um Jung Ah, Lee SuGuen, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Haneul, Seo Woo and Choi Ji Woo.  The winning team sleeps inside on heated wooden floors while the losers end up spending the night outdoors.

As everyone gets ready for bed, we see Choi Ji Woo going around killing mosquitoes with her bare hands.  She’s so adorably derpy.  She looks like Derpy Hooves from My Little Pony as she’s diligently slapping each bug in the palm of her hands.

And it seems the water puma turns into a sleeping leopard at night. Kim Soo Mi loves her leopard print.  She shows off her leopard pajamas and her leopard umbrella along with her leopard gown.  Her life is like a cartoon.  I could laugh all day just hanging out with her.

Something else I learned:  Kim Haneul as well as Um Jung Ah have naturally curly hair!  I’m especially shocked about Kim.  I’ve always thought her hair was naturally pin straight but i guess they have to blow dry and straighten it every day.  Mind Blown.  I must now figure out what products they use because I have the same exact hair issues.  Because the girls won’t have time to get ready in the morning Kim decides to forego a shower and only brushes her teeth and washes her face.  Kim is surprised and horrified that the camera person films her washing up.  Gurl you get no special treatment.  This is 1n2d!  keke.

As everyone gets ready to sleep Na PD shows up and gives them their breakfast mission.  In the morning the people who get to sleep indoors will be paired up with someone outside.  The pair must hold hands and find three flags hidden at the base camp.  If the couple lets go they are eliminated.  Only three flags are available so everyone will have to be on their game from the moment they wake up.  Breakfast will be some homemade cooking from Kim Soo Mi.  I learned from my aunt that Kim Soo Mi has a reputation for being an amazing cook so breakfast is a must win.

Outside, the guys Lee Seung Gi and Lee Su Geun entertain the ladies before bed even though it’s 1:40 in the morning.  Lee Seung Gi sings “You’re My Woman” which is about a guy who falls in love with an older woman.  During his singing he tells Um Jung Ah “noona you’re my woman~!!!” which makes the girls giggle.  Lee Su Geun puts on his charms and pretends to be a Chinese MC as Seung Gi translates for the girls.  “Choi Ji Woo pretty…Um Jung Ah no!”  These two were going all out for the ladies who loved every single moment.

Inside the four guys have a pow wow concerning Kim Haneul.  Kang Ho Dong seems pleased at himself for being chosen by her and Um Tae Woong tells him that a lot of girls find him sexy.  SEXY!  Even Um’s sister Um Jung Hwa admits he’s sexy.  This immediately perks Kang Ho Dong’s interest and makes everyone sit up.  Its time for some serious talk.  Kang Ho Dong is convinced that Kim Haneul was really into him while Kim Jong Min says that its not true.  She didn’t want to admit who she really liked so she picked Kang Ho Dong.  Kim Jong Min is convinced she really likes him!  While they talk Kim Haneul who happened to be on her way to the bathroom hears them and they embarrassingly scream as she says hi.

They invite Kim Haneul in who confirms that she picked Kang Ho Dong because she didn’t want to reveal the real man.  The group pesters her to tell them who she likes and as she gets up to put her shoes on she replies “Eun Ji Won” and runs off to the bathroom.  What?!  Totally didn’t see that coming.  Eun is just as shocked and wonders why its him.  Kim Haneul reveals that he has the most charm.  While she was wavering between him and Um Tae Woong, Um had confessed his friendship with Su Ae in a previous episode so she ended up picking Eun Ji Won.  Girl is really smart.  Of the three guys she wasn’t able connect with Eun Ji Won and I think it was part of the reason she picked him.  Plus who doesn’t love bad boys?!  Man  I love how she gets along with literally everyone.

Kim Soo Mi and Lee Hye Young are first to wake up and get coupled with Lee Seung Gi and Lee Su Guen respectively.  The indoor boys eventually wake up and Um Tae Woong is first to the tents and grabs Choi Ji Woo like a boss.  They make a really good looking pair.  Kang Ho Dong is next picking up Um Jung Ah while Eun Ji Won is paired with Kim Haneul who complains he was late.  Seo Woo stands by waiting for her partner Kim Jong Min who is last to arrive.

While only three flags were hidden the staff forgot to get rid of an additional flag so four teams were able to eat breakfast which consisted of two different types of marinated crabs (Kim SooMi used to have sell marinated crabs), fried tofu and soy bean paste stew.  Since it’s a special trip all the girls were allowed to eat breakfast regardless of the wins while losers Kang Ho Dong and Kim Jong Min stood by hoping someone would offer them a bite to eat.

The group asked Kim Jong Min to sing a bit of his new song for a bite of rice which he promptly did only Kim Soo Mi joins in and begins to shake her money maker for the crew.  Man I hope when I’m 60 I’m just as crazy as she is.  I love her.

After breakfast they take group pictures and say their farewells.  Several days later the camera crew visits the the “stars who have gone back up to heaven” and we see the six girls glamed up as they go about their day jobs.  Choi Jiwoo looks like an angel filming a drink commercial and the camera crew meets up with her at the airport where she tells us that she was sick for two days after filming but misses everyone.  To the audience she hopes they enjoyed seeing them in a new light and misses the entire 1n2d team.

The crew meets up with Kim Soo Mi backstage of her musical and presents her a picture of the group before their last farewell. She misses the guys and started watching them on cable to see them.  She tells the camera that she thought the cast secretly ate when filming stopped and was surprised that it wasn’t the case.  No wonder they play those games like their life depended on it.  She asks whether the cast had to dunk themselves in water during the winter and the staff answers of course, even if we have to break the ice to which she replies “lets all do this again in January!”  puah I love her.

They find Um Jungah at a restaurant having coffee with a group of school moms from her kid’s school.  The moms tease her about her inability to say “Kim Sat Gat” and JungAh says that after watching the other team get dunked she got jealous and wondered “should I have done that too?”

Seo Woo is scared the staff came back to make her to another mission but is surprised at her new present.  When asked whether she would do it all over she replies “with the same team!”  Cute!

Lee Hye Young looks the part of the killer madam with her white pearls and red lipstick.  She jokes that they’re going to do a before and after shot and tells us that at first she as a new bride was worried about what her father in law would think seeing her joke around on the show.  Then she films a short video letter to Choi Ji Woo and joking says “Jiwoo, I was the closest to you but I heard you went to brunch with Kim Haneul instead!”

Finally Kim Haneul who is arguably the most popular actress right now, is taped in front of thousands of flashing lights as she promotes her new movie.  She says that while she just acted naturally on the show, a lot of viewers were surprised at how different she was.  She also says that during filming she said it didn’t really feel like work and misses the members, especially her team.

I loved this entire series!  And just when I thought it was over they’re going to have actors on next week!  OMG so essited.

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hi do you know whats the song played when choi ji woo killed mosquitoes? thanks

Secret’s “Starlight Moonlight”

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