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MBC Star Audition Final Concert

Posted on: June 4, 2011

So MBC is milking every last bit of popularity from this show and put on a concert involving several of the old contestants.  First up was little Jung In singing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” which segues into Kim Tae Won rocking on the guitar and the 12 contestants presenting a rock version of the song.  Kim Tae Won really has amazing guitar skills.  Every guitar player can play “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” but Kim inserts this amazing emotional quality to his playing that really can’t be taught.  He just has it.

Next up was Kwon Risae doing a cover of Hyori’s “U Go Girl” featuring our resident Kpop idol Noh Jihoon.  She’s so pretty but they keep putting her in really bad outfits.  I see that they’ve got the wheels turning for her debut but she definitely has some work to do.  Hyori has one of the best fake smiles in the industry.  We all know she’s faking it but she’s so good at her job we forget about it and really begin to believe that she’s having the greatest time ever.  Risae’s nervous smile just made me uncomfortable.

David Oh and Jo Hyun Woo did the cutest cover of “I’m Yours” by Jason Mraz.  I love how Jo Hyun Woo has a slight British accent (he studied in London and is fluent in English) while David Oh has this bright California tone.  I’ll say it again, those two need to get together because by themselves, they’re just okay but together they’re definitely a force.

Afterwards we got to listen to some of the contestants look back on their time.  Jo Hyun Woo tells us that the most memorable moment was when the judges chose him to continue to the live performances.  Jo was originally cut by his mentor and didn’t think he would ever see him again.  When that episode aired, Shin Seung Hoon called him and said “Hyun Woo, its time to sing.”  For Kim Hyeri, the moment she remembered the most was the times her mentor yelled at her.  During those moments, Hyeri didn’t know what she was doing wrong but looking back she understands why and it made her better.

After the clip, Jung Hee Joo sang “It’d be nice if it were like that” by Cho Young Pil.  Poor Kim Yoona not being able to even attend this concert.  I love Heejoo’s tone and control but she’s so unmarketable the way she presents herself.  She’s for a lack of better words plain.  Her voice while great isn’t unique or mind blowing.  If anything she’d have to grow her hair long again and lose weight.  It’s sad but people don’t expect “pretty girls” to have great voices and that alone would probably do more for her popularity.  Not that she’s not pretty but isn’t not the typical pretty Korea wants.  That said, not sure if she even wants to go that route.  She seems more of the indie type of girl but who knows.

Next was Shin Seung Hoon and Shayne singing “Butterfly Effect” by Shin.  It was also one of the last songs Shayne sang for the training phase before the live auditions.  Shayne really needs to work on his accent if he plans on pursuing a career in Korea.  While his fans might not care if he wants mass appeal he really needs to work on that.

The Mentee Band sang Lee Moon Sae’s “Sunset Glow” and everyone from Son Jin Young to Baek Sae Eun provided musical entertainment for the crowd.

While Bang Shi Hyuk gets his share of negative comments for being the devil when I see him like this I realize he’s just a big ole softy.

During the past week MBC online had asked what performance the viewers wanted to rewatch.  #1 was no surprise Baek Chung Kang’s “HeartBreaker” and #2 was Kim Hyeri’s “Come Back to Me.”  Chungkang’s nasal habit was back in full force during this performance and was a bit less energetic while Kim Hyeri’s performance was actually a lot better than the first time around.  Vocally she was about the same but she seems so much more comfortable, like she actually wanted to be on stage this time around.

And finally my favorite performance of the night!  Kim Tae Won and his mentees sang “Lonely Nights” by Boohwal.  Son Jin Young’s voice was actually the best suited for this song.  Its strange how these three match so well together.  Their voices are all so distinct but it worked.  And I loved that the band actually came to play with them.  🙂

The show then went to a clip of the mentees talking about their mentors.  Bang Shi Hyuk had been vilified in the news but his mentees tell us that he’s really a sweetheart.  Lee Eun Mi seems to have this untouchable charisma but for her mentees she showed them everything, all her secrets and considers her their captain.  Shin Seung Hoon has won #1 more than 60 times but he eats with us like a family and gives us spending money like a hyung.  Kim Tae Won who loves his vibrato, who was sick but still took so much care of his mentees.  The mentees say it was an honor to spend time with him.  Kim Yoona who smiles for her mentees but is also a strong and outspoken leader.

The mentees also talked about some behind the scenes secrets.  Kim Tae Won’s health isn’t great so when they eat, Kim only eats meat.  Bang Shi Hyuk looks like the OCD type but in real life he’s a bit on the shabby side and barely brushes his hair.  Noh JiHoon also makes fun of how Bang’s claps.  Its funny because it’s so true.  Kwon Risae tells us that her mentor has Aegyo (cuteness) and the MC forces Lee Eun Mi to show us.  I’m not sure if its cute or painful.  Shin Seung Hoon always says he doesn’t have a girlfriend but the mentees thought it was a lie until they spent so much time with him that they realized he really doesn’t have a girl.

Noh JiHoon and Hwang JiHwan then showed us a replay of their jazzy “Good Boy Bad Boy” routine.  Midway through MissA appeared and performed together with the two.  I guess Hwang JiHwan had asked his friend Suzy for a favor.  Keke.  And I knew Min was short but without heels its like watching an Oompa loompa.

Lee Eun Mi and her two mentees performed “I Was Born Like This” and tried to get the audience to stand up and rock.  I’m not sure it worked but Lee’s charisma definitely shadowed the other two singers.  Poor Hyeri, she still doesn’t have any rhythm.  Watching her dance is just…sad.

The final solo performance was Baek Chung Kang singing “This farewell must have become a Star” written by Kim Tae Won.  This song is definitely the better of the two Kim wrote for the show.  Baek didn’t think he would win so when they called his name he went blank.  While Kim’s mentor did win first place, we see a clip of Kim telling them that it’s not about who wins first but that their careers will outlive this show.

The finale is a group performance of the 12 singing “Show” complete with confetti and stage diving…walking.

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