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Infinity Challenge Episode 252

Posted on: June 4, 2011

Date 2011.06.04

I felt like Infinity Challenge has been on its last legs for a while but I really enjoyed this week’s episode.  Its the final installment of multi-week series in which the members of Infinity Challenge played cupid for two regular people who were in love with someone but didn’t have the courage to confess to them.

Lee Kang Bok has had a crush on a girl for the past two months.  She works the night shift at her father’s restaurant and has no idea that KangBok likes her.  Since Kang Bok doesn’t even know her name, the MC’s decided to do some recon work.  In this episode, in order to determine the relationship status of the girl Kang Bok liked, Park MyungSoo and Jung Joon Ha pretended to be regular diners who happen to strike up a conversation with the girl and find out whether she was single.

Park Myung Soo and Jung Joon Ha have to be the worst undercover agents ever.  While Jung Joon Ha kept conspicuously looking directly at the hidden camera, Park MyungSoo could be heard on the phone basically recapping their plan in front of the girl.  However the girl did not seem to notice because she was star struck and while the two casually talked to her, Park MyungSoo and Jung JoonHa asked if she had a boyfriend.  She jokingly replies “I think I am supposed to say that I do” and after some prodding, the girl laughingly said she had a boyfriend.

This put a wrench in the MC’s plan.  They weren’t sure whether the girl was joking and wanted to ask her upfront whether she was attached.  While Yoo Jae Suk and Jung Hyung Don wanted to first tell KangBok and confirm with the girl later on, Park Myungsoo and Jung JoonHa were adamant that they immediately go to the restaurant and ask her.  After a bit of in-fighting the four put it to a vote and most of the camera crew and staff sided with Yoo Jae Suk.

There was a lot of tension because while Yoo Jae Suk and Jung Hyung Don were thinking of KangBok and the girl’s feelings, the other two argued that if the girl had even a 1% interest in meeting KangBok then they’re going to miss that opportunity by not going and revealing to her that she had a secret admirer.  The tension was cut when Park Myungsoo let a fart rip and the smell overcame any differences the four had.  Even the camera men were holding their noses and commented on how stinky Park’s fart was.  The horror…

While KangBok’s love was about to be crushed, we cut to Kim Eun Jung, a girl who had lived in America and met a guy Yoon MiNam who she became close friends with.  EunJung came back to Korea and he came to visit her.  Because he was going to leave soon, EunJung decided it was time to confess her love.  In the previous episodes, the MCs secretly taped the two and had EunJung have a pretend phone conversation with another “oppa”.  The MCs were curious as to how Yoon would react and it was hilarious as he tried to act cool while one shotting his entire drink and nervously chewing on his ice cubes.

A while later, the MCs recruited Haha’s friend to play the role of EunJung’s oppa, Kang Tae Poong aka Kang Hurricane.  Lol.  They dolled Eunjung up and dressed her in the shortest shorts they could find and had her crush and a close friend (who was in on the entire thing) come to lunch.  During lunch the MCs planned for Hurricane to come by and meet her crush.  Its that revenge scenario that everyone has where coincidentally, your hot, well behaved, rich man comes to meet your old flame.  The MCs watch on CCTV only to be surprised at how cool Eunjung’s crush is about the entire situation.

After several trips to the “bathroom” aka where all the MCs are hiding, Hurricane has to “leave for work” and gives the three tickets to a luxury movie show.  Dayum why don’t they have these in America?  Not that I can afford it.  Tickets for a 3D movie can set me back $20 and that plus popcorn= not worth it.

Anyways, the film starts and Hurricane comes on screen to the surprise of EunJung’s crush.  At first it looks like Hurricane has set up this elaborate event for EunJung but soon EunJung comes on screen and tells her crush that she’s wanted to be more than friends for a long time and this was her confession.  While Eunjung’s other friend leaves the two to talk it out, EunJung nervously tells her crush that she’s had feelings for him and wanted to tell him for a while but didn’t have the courage.  Since she got this opportunity to confess to him, she wanted to tell him everything without any regrets.  The entire time her crush sits there silently and after a while he tells her the timing isn’t right.  She asks “did you ever like me?” and he replies “there was a time when I did” but tells her that it wouldn’t work out and he just wants to be friends.  You can see EunJung’s disapointment, and the MCs who had anticipated a great ending to their love story sat quietly watching as EunJung’s heart broke.

Finally, KangBok meets with the MCs who tell him that the girl he likes already has a boyfriend.  He looked so sad as he nodded in understanding.  KangBok tells them that what he’s learned from experiencing one sided love is to let go.  When he saw her he had made up his mind to go after her and even came on Infinity Challenge but he confesses that its definitely disappointing finding out she already has a boyfriend.

To be 100% sure, Yoo Jae Suk calls the girl who had no idea that any of this had happened.  How they even got her number is surprising (probably her dad?)  The girl confirms that she does have a boyfriend.  She feels thankful but sorry to Kangbok.  She still has no idea who he is but tells the MCs that next time he comes into the store to come and talk to her.  That she is fine (comfortable and not creeped out) and honored that he would go to such lengths for her.  She’ll treat him to a meal and hopes he comes and says hi.  OMG she’s so sweet.  If someone had done that for me I’d definitely be weirded out but she was so gracious about the entire thing which probably made KangBok fall even harder for her.

Aww what a bittersweet ending.  I really thought there was going to be a love match but I guess life doesn’t always follow the tv script.  At the end both KangBok and EunJung missed out on love but as the show tells us at the end “the important thing was to love rather than to be loved.”  -William Somerset Maugham


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