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Best Love Episode 10 Review

Posted on: June 2, 2011

Oh man this episode was great!

While Dokko makes his way back to his car, Piljoo and Aejung continue holding hands for the cameras.  Aejung tells Piljoo that she knows the entire filming process can be awkward and tells him to pretend no one is around.  “I already think that way, because its how I felt from the beginning…I’ve caught you for now and I won’t let go so easily” replies Piljoo.  And after they film he locks fingers with her…Heart…melts….

How can Aejung have such a bumbling brother and how does he have such an adorable son?!  Aejung’s brother and Jenny decide to play cupid and clears the house in case Aejung wants to invite Piljoo in for some coffee.   When Ding Dong goes back home to change he sees Dokko and invites him in for some Porroro tea.  I love how Ding Dong scares the crap out of Dokko.  The way Ding Dong talks in that cute raspy voice makes me want to kidnap him.

So disappointed that Aejung doesn’t invite Piljoo in for some sexy time, I mean coffee, not that anything would happen as Ding Dong and Dokko would have ruined any chances of lurve.  While Aejung tells Dokko to leave Ding Dong stands up for Dokko and tells Aejung that since Ding Dong has been over Dokko’s house so much, the least Ding Dong can do is to let him stay.  While Aejung makes kimbap for Ding Dong’s picnic Dokko and Ding Dong play in Ding Dong’s room and Ding Dong tells Dokko to apologize to Aejung for making her angry.  Dokko wants to but doesn’t know how and Ding Dong tells Dokko to write it down in notebook.  Ding Dong is so biteable.  I just want to bite him he’s so cute!

While Aejung cuts up the kimbap Dokko tries to steal a piece only to be chastised by Aejung.  She gives him the ends only Dokko complains there’s cucumbers in his.  He hates cucumbers!  Aejung decides to add two additional cucumbers to the next batch of kimbap she’s making just to spite him.  I do the same thing when someone interrupts my kimbap making.  Don’t mess with my skills or I’ll make you a kimbap filled with four slices of cucumber with a dinky slice of egg.

When Ding Dong shows the two the spiderman outfit he wants to wear to his picnic, Dokko laughs at him making Ding Dong pout.  My motherly instincts suddenly want to cut Dokko in the face.  keke.  But Dokko makes Ding Dong smile by telling him fashion is all about confidence and immediately turns that frown upside down.  Dokko tells Ding Dong that he wanted to be iron man when he was young because he thought the light in the middle of his suit was his heart.  Aejung gives the two the cucumber filled kimbap but Dokko eats it making Aejung smile.

The next day Ding Dong is disappointed to find that its raining, cancelling his picnic.  When someone knocks at the door she thinks its Dokko coming to join the picnic only she ends up hitting Piljoo with the door.  Piljoo had come to give her the camera he had bought.  The writers are evil making it even harder to choose between Piljoo and Dokko when they’re both awesome with Ding Dong.

Ding Dong wonders what type of superhero Piljoo wanted to be when he was little and Piljoo replies that he wanted to be a detective.  Oh nerdy Piljoo I love you so!  Piljoo makes a deal with Ding Dong offering to exchange Ding Dong’s kimbap for some pastries.  And Ding Dong is excited until he realizes he’s betraying Dokko and before he grabs his first donut he softly whispers “I’m sorry Ironman!”  The music is so sad and tragic.  I love it.

So while Dokko is outside of Aejung’s house being rejected by Aejung over the phone, Piljoo and Ding Dong have fun having a picnic inside of the house.  I know its sad for Dokko but how freaking cute are the three.

I guess the entire thing eats at Ding Dong’s heart so he ends up going over to Dokko’s house to make amends.  He apologizes and gives Dokko the donuts but Dokko tells Ding Dong that he’s too young to feel guilt about such things and lets Ding Dong eat to his heart’s desire.  Piljoo move over Dokko is back in the game!

Piljoo confronts Seri about her confession to him.  He thinks the entire thing was an act and presses her to tell the truth.  Seri is hurt seeing Piljoo being so protective over Aejung and blurts out that everything he says is correct, that she did it because she hates Aejung.  Piljoo sternly tells Seri to back off and Seri ends up in the bathroom crying over the entire situation.  In the other stall she hears another idol secretly on the phone with her boyfriend and we see a flashback to their idol days where Seri was crushing over Brian from Fly to the Sky.  Aejung was the one who helped the two lovebirds in their romantic adventures and Seri wonders whether Aejung did the same for Mina, who had secretly dated a leader of a popular boyband.  Ohhh this story is getting gooooood.  Mina gets preggers by another idol group?  That’s like Sung Yuri from Finkl having a secret affair with Yoon Kye Sang from g.o.d. and having a secret love child!  keke.

So Dokko has a near heart attack forcing him into the hospital where he finds out that his ticker is about to blow.  The doctor warns him that he might drop dead and tells him that he needs an operation, which has a 50/50 chance of survival.  One thing I’ve learned from Korean dramas.  If the doctor gives an extremely low chance of surviving the person will survive.  You have a 5% of living?  Surgery success!

Anyways, Dokko decides to continue with his plans to go to Hollywood and film a superhero movie with Jerry Himer aka Jerry Bruckheimer’s evil twin.  How sad was it when everyone crowds him in the hospital asking for his autograph?  Its like his entire identity is based on the public persona he’s created and he’s willing to die for it.

Dokko seems determined to leave the world with the memory that he’s the coolest, badass mofo in the world and frankly speaking it’s working.  Damn if I didn’t fall in love with him during the final third of the episode.  Aejung has been asked to present an award at the movie awards and is given an expensive brand name dress to borrow for the event.  While at the store she runs into Dokko who is also getting ready for the event.  Isn’t this shot beautiful?

Aejung wonders whether she looks okay and hopefully she doesn’t look “ssanti” aka cheap.  Dokko replies “Not even in your frog suit.  Of all the frogs you were the most luxurious.”  Aejung tells Dokko that he looks charming and even when he was Dongko Jin he was cool and charming.  Its sad that Dokko tells her to always remember him like that.  Oh foreshadowing, I hate you!

Backstage at the awards Aejung runs in to her old manager who gives her some lip but Aejung isn’t having any of it today.  She tells him that she’s done nothing to deserve his hateful words and holds her head high.  That is until the manager spills hot coffee all over her arm and dress.  While the staff scrambles to find a replacement for Aejung, Dokko overhears Jenny arguing with the manager and realizes what went down.  Dokko finds Aejung sitting at the bottom of the steps holding her burned arm and trying to cover up the stain on her dress.

Aejung tells Dokko she’s fine and that she guesses she’s not suited for this type of thing and instead should jump around in frog suits.   Dokko is now in a rage (i like angry Dokko!) and goes to find the manager and promptly punches him in the face.  Finally, some face punching.  My favorite type of anger management.  keke.

The press is having a field day over the incident and everyone is looking for Dokko who refuses to pick up his phone.  Aejung heads over to Dokko’s place and finds him looking calm and collected.   Aejung is confused and wonders why he’d do such a thing when he’s headed to Hollywood to save the world.  Dokko tells Aejung he’s not going.  “The world’s going to be fine even if I’m not there to protect it.  The thing I need to protect is here.”

Oh man why didn’t he go in for the kiss?!   Last episode was a bit on boring considering its obvious that the two will figure out each other’s misunderstandings.  This episode was filled with some awesome cinematography, teen pregnancies and fist a cuffs.  Hopefully they’ll reveal the entire Mina story line soon because it’s getting tiresome.  

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