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Best Love Episode 9 Review

Posted on: June 1, 2011

When Aejung finds out that Dokko’s heart was affected only because of her song, she puts her head to his heart to find out for herself.  She tries to convince him that his heart is going pitter patter but Dokko says no, it’s going thump thump.  He’s such a douchebag telling her he feels bad that the relationship wasn’t real because he had to cut off his beard and act a fool.  You know, not because he played with her heart or anything.

While Dokko tells everyone that he’s cool with Aejung his actions say different.  He gets Ding Dong to come over with a huge tub of ice cream to find out what Aejung’s family thinks about him.  Ding Dong can’t resist the charms of delicious ice cream and huge 3D television set.  Strangely the same thing works on my dad.  Ding Dong tells Dokko that the family calls Dokko a Dongko (asshole) which isn’t far from the truth.  Aejung comes over to claim Ding Dong and Dokko begins to rub in the fact that his heart no longer beats fast and hard for her.  And like a 7 year old, he uses Ding Dong’s magnets to illustrate the same.  However in Dokko’s mission to make Aejung feel like crap he puts his heart monitor on top of the magnets which breaks the monitor.  I swear that’s the same thing that happens when I put my iphone on top of my keyless carkeys.

And then the best cameo so far.  Lee SeungGi steps into the MBS building wearing the same scarf as Jenny.  Seunggi is horrified and in private throws the scarf back to his assistants and throws a tantrum…just like Dokko Jin.  I love that Seunggi can make fun of his golden boy persona.  When Dokko sees him and asks Seunggi to have Aejung on as a guest on the real life show “Strong Heart” Seunggi shows his diva personality.  The two smile while Dokko threatens to steal his refrigerator commercial and Seunggi passive aggressively threatens him back.  The two throw daggers at each other until a group of girls walk by and with choreographed timing the two turn to them smiling and hugging each other.

And our sweet innocent doctor isn’t so innocent after all.  While at the bookstore Piljoo takes some advice from a book called “How to Grab a Woman’s Heart” and wanders around the mall looking for something to do with Aejung.  While wondering what activities he could suggest he turns and points to a bra and smiles.  Sexy time?  But alas, he ends up buying a camera so they can take pictures together.  Boo I wanted sexy time!

Although Dokko continues to assert that he doesn’t have feelings for her, Aejung confesses says that she’s upset and is drawn to him.  She comes back to his place and wants to make certain that Dokko’s heart really doesn’t beat fast for her anymore.  She hugs him tightly hoping his heart will race and Dokko turns her around in a back hug and begins to take her up to his bedroom.  Aejung resists and he lets her go.  No sexy time again!  Dokko is really a jerk for playing with her…even if he’s unintentional.

Now that Jenny knows that Dokko doesn’t like Aejung anymore she plays cupid and invites Piljoo to a celebratory dinner.  Piljoo is so excited he has to calm himself before he spills water all over his desk.  However Seri must be so evil she can mess up his plans even without knowing it.  She arrives at his office to talk about Aejung and sees her former groupmate Mina.  Seri is so shocked that she loses her balance and falls.  Its the type of fall guilty people do when they realize their dastardly plans are going to be revealed keke.  Piljoo aka nicest guy ever takes care of her and stays by her side even tho he’s dying to run to dinner to meet Aejung.

All the while Dokko crashes the dinner party bringing his $15,000 bottle of wine with him.  He shows Aejung the wine that started their relationship and tells her that he’s sorry for everything he’s put her through.  He insists that the wine will make everything better and they’ll go back to their own lives.  Aejung is amazed at his incredulous comments and takes the wine and one shots the entire thing.  “I’m totally recovered now…I won’t throw any of this up.  I swallowed everything between Dokko Jin and I, I’m going to digest it and make it come out as crap.”

Aejung walks away drunk as a mofo while Dokko finally finds out how the pen situation went down.  I really wanted Jenny to hit him in the face for treating Aejung the way he did.  He readily deserve that much.  Dokko goes to find Aejung and tells her he’s truly sorry.  Although I’m not sure Aejung will remember any of it.  When I’m piss drunk I laugh like an insane person.  For Aejung, she just repeats whatever the other person is saying.  Aejung babo!

The next day Dokko arrives at Aejung’s house to the ire of Aejung’s brother.  Aejung decides its time for some closure and asks Dokko to take her to have some hangover food and then to the filming site.  Since Dokko doesn’t have any more feelings for her he tells her that if his heart hadn’t fixed itself he’d have really fallen head over heels for her and gotten his heart broken.  Before the two part Aejung tells Dokko the truth; that she had feelings for Dokko.  All those camillas and azaleas had bloomed in her heart.  But she knew that all flowers wilt and she’s grateful that the flowers wilted before she had fallen too deep for him.  Dokko’s heart is beating and he kisses her wanting to know once and for all what his heart is telling him.  But his heart monitor doesn’t respond.  Aejung tells him that’s fortunate and she leaves to meet Piljoo.

Dokko takes off his watch and begins to manually count his heartbeat.  Normal people are self aware enough to realize when they’re in love but I guess Dokko has to confirm via heartbeat.  So while he counts every beat, Aejung walks toward the Couple Match filming site to meet Piljoo.  Piljoo doesn’t know if she’s coming to meet him and the film crew eagerly waits to see if she’s going to accept Piljoo.  While they all wait, Seri turns to Piljoo and tells him that she likes him but before Piljoo can say anything Aejung arrives and walks into his heart.

As fireworks go off around a delighted Piljoo, Dokko arrives a minute too late and we see his heart beginning to break.

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