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Shellac Nail Polish

Posted on: May 31, 2011

Got my nails did over the holiday weekend.  Instead of the usual manicure, I tried a fairly new process using Shellac Nail Polish.  The polish is made specifically so that it last 2 weeks without chipping.  I called bull on this because usually my nails chip within the first few days.

I’ve heard of this new nail process over a year ago and knew some people who swore by it.  However I was wary of it thinking it was going to ruin my already sensitive nail bed.  After a year of waiting and after several other testimonials, I finally took the plunge.  It involves several turns of paint and drying under a UV light and midway through I thought I was going to fall asleep.  However it’s been 2 days and my nails are in pretty good shape considering I just detailed a car and did several loads of dishes.

This got me thinking.  What is the manicure trend in Korea?  Answer:  Pretty spring colors…and a lot of greens.


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