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I am a Singer Episode 12

Posted on: May 31, 2011

This week we saw two new editions to the program.  Kim Yeon Woo had been eliminated and Im Jae Bum had to bow out due to back issues.  In their place arrived JK Kim Dong Wook aka Tiger JK’s nemesis 😛 and Ok Ju Hyun aka Fatty Finkl (I didn’t make up that nickname.  That’s what they used to call her back in the day).

Yoon Do Hyun had been sick and it seems like he’s given it to some of the other singers.  Lee Sora’s voice was not in good condition so Yoon took over MC duties.  I’ve always loved him on Yoon’s Love Letter so it’s nice to seem him back at that position.

This week’s challenge:  A song from a singer I like.

Compared to last week, this week was filled with some awful performances.  Kim Bum Soo sang Boohwal’s “Never Ending Story” which was just bad.  It’s probably because he was sick but I was really disappointed.  I love this song and was excited to see what Kim would do with it.  Blah.

Then BMK went off key and started crying after her performance.  You know, they’re always telling idols to hide their emotions and let it go back stage but BMK must not have gotten that memo because she was losing it by the end of her performance.

I did love Lee Sora’s performance of Im Jae Bum’s “Crying Fist” featuring Soul Dive simply for the reactions it got from the audience.  The genre doesn’t suit her voice at all but I loved that she tried something different.  While Kim Bum Soo, Park Jung Hyun and Yoon Do Hyun stick to what they are comfortable with, Lee continues to experiment.

So here are the standings this week:

1.  Ok Ju Hyun:  “1000 Years” by Lee Seung Hwan
2.   Yoon Do Hyun:  “해야” by Magma
3.   Park Jung Hyun:  “In my Arms” by Yoo Jae Ha
4.   JK Kim Dong Wook:  “비상” by Im Jae Bum
5.   Lee Sora:  “Crying Fist” by Im Jae Bum
6.  Kim Bum Soo:  “Never Ending Story” by Boohwal
7.  BMK:  “Letter” by Kim Kwang Jin

Oh love “1000” Years by Lee Seung Hwan aka Chae Rim’s ex-husband.  While Ok Ju Hyun looked like she was about to have a heart attack back stage, she did pretty well.


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