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1 Night 2 Days Celebrity Edition Part 2

Posted on: May 31, 2011

Date 2011.05.29

Lee Soo Mi gets funnier and funnier as the show progresses.  I watched a Come to Play episode with her and some other old school actresses and she talked about how close her and Jo In Sung are.  So when everyone was telling her how Lee Seung Gi was the hot celebrity she told Lee Seung Gi that Insung was coming back (from the army) and I immediately had an awww moment.  Girl really does love Jo In Sung.

And I couldn’t stop laughing as Lee SooMi insisted on taking the group jumping picture where the flowers were.  Such a Korean grandma thing to do.  Seriously couldn’t stop laughing as she insisted they walk up to the hill and take pictures with the flowers.  Amazing how agile this woman is.  I’ve tried to take those jumping pictures and no matter how high we all jump we can never get it right.  There’s always one person in mid-crouch.

The friendship between Lee Su Geun and Kim Haneul seems so natural based on how SuGeun was able to joke around with her and make fun of her.  The best comment had to be when Lee SuGeun told Haneul and Uhm TaeWoong that they looked good together only for TaeWoong to turn bright red.  Its so strange that Tae Woong’s such a dork in real life.  I’ve always thought of him as this charismatic, brooding type.  Not the bumbling over his words type.

I thought the entire car race dragged on for a bit too long considering there was no real tension as to who the winner of the race was.  While the editors tried to make it seem like SuGeun’s group got lost and that there was a race to the finish it was pretty obvious who the winners were.  But we did get to see everyone make funny faces while trying to take a group sel-ca.  Again Lee Soomi cracked me up.  While the mission required them to take pictures with steamed buns they only had enough money for three buns.  The group decided to cut the buns in half and make it look like each person was holding an entire bun in their mouthes.  While the store cashier was praising Choi Ji Woo’s beauty, Lee Soomi in her always annoyed by life voice suddenly turns to the cashier and asks “where’s the knife?”  Now that’s comedic timing.

I think this show’s found someone who is worse than Kim Jong Min in the “Kim Sat Gat” game.  Uhm JungAh had a special moment and couldn’t say “Kim Sat Gat Sat Gat” without adding four additional “Sat Gat”‘s at the end.  The fact that she couldn’t figure out how to stress the syllables had me in stitches.  While I sometimes wonder whether Kim Jong Min is putting on an act Uhm was definitely not faking it.

While Lee Soomi has been typecast as the evil mother in many dramas I hear she’s a sweetheart in real life.  The fact that she was adamant that the group not cheat was so sweet.  If only they knew that the other team had found all the other clues hours in advance.  And Ho Dong was dying to cheat.  You could see he wanted open up the letter they had found but had to defer to the Queen Bee.

What confused me about this episode was that both groups were buying snacks the entire time they were making their way to their destination.  They made it seem like they had $2 to their names yet with every scene, we saw them eating a new snack.

Once both teams arrived at their destinations, they were given the opportunity to win ramen with an advance Rock, Paper, Scissors competition.  At first Lee Soomi insists she’s not very good at the game but they soon realize that she had a secret weapon.  The “PAAAA!!!!!!!”

I almost pee’d my pants as she screamed “PA!!!” scaring her opposition and confusing them into submission.  The resident camera man game expert had no clue what hit him as he stood frozen in fear.

Since Lee Soomi’s group arrived last, they were forced to dunk themselves.  While we’ve seen Lee Seunggi, Kang Ho Dong and Kim Jong Min fall into every type of water formation, I was curious as to how the three actresses would do.  Lee Soomi arrived in her water Puma outfit which cracked me up again.  Why are you so funny?!

There were two things that surprised me about the entire water scene.  Lee Seung Gi’s been getting buff rwar!~  and Choi Jiwoo embarrasses the hell out of me.  I realize the water is cold and she’s not used to such mortal things like falling into water with her clothes on but jfc her reaction was ridiculous.  She kept falling down regardless of how many men were helping her and I thought she was going to drown in knee deep water.  Everyone who was watching the show with me turned to each other and wondered “is she serious?!”

Finally the water Puma took in her 1n2d baptism with some trolling on the side.  She pretended to faint and while Kang HoDong was carrying her away she yells “Hidden Camera/You’ve Been Punk’d!”  Except no one else was in on the joke.  Even her managers looked confused as hell.  SooMi, girl you so crazy.

And finally we get to see some cat fights!  What girls will do for some food.  While both groups had been snacking all day, no one had eaten a proper meal since breakfast.  While Lee Soomi’s group won some ramen, Na PD also gave them some rice and banchan to the ire of the other group.  That along with Lee Soomi’s homemade kimchi made for a pretty delicious looking snack.  Lee SuGuen and his group members vehemently argued that this was unfair and won his group the biggest bowl of rice and banchan they could manage.

But that’s just the beginning.  While Lee Soomi’s group causally talked and ate ramen, Lee SuGeun’s group was screaming at each other playing rock, paper, scissors and trying to win a bite of their precious rice.  I was dying as the girl’s hunger took over and we got to see their personalities.  Seo Woo finally talked, although it was while she was cutting kimchi with her bare hands and crying “I want my mommy”, and Uhm JungAh looked like she was about to punch someone in the face for some food.  Now this is the 1n2d I had been itching for.

I loved how close this group had gotten.  They were literally screaming at each other and arguing about a spoonful of rice.  I would not have expected that watching how they interacted at the start of this trip.  After their rice, the group was still hungry and Seo Woo figured out that while the cameras are on, it doesn’t mean they can’t hide and get something else to eat.

So while Na PD and the staff ate their dinner, the group snuck out for some additional food.  That is until Na PD opened the door to find them red handed.  I loved how you can see SuGuen and Uhm Tae Woong immediately get up to leave while Uhm JungAh is frozen in place, chopsticks in hand over a steaming pot of ramen.

I can’t wait until next week.  My favorite game has always been the charades simply because I get to see Lee SuGuen making funny faces.  He’s too funny.  And poor Na PD:  Forever alone.


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