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MBC Star Audition 위대한 탄생 – Episode 26

Posted on: May 27, 2011

The Final Episode!

While every live broadcast was held inside MBC’s own stage, the show went all out for its final episode and moved everyone to the Koryo University Hall.  Even better, they filled the place with pyrotechnics, a orchestra and 4000 screaming people.  Earlier in the day, all 12 mentees arrived on the red carpet dressed to the nines.  Obviously the show’s coordinator Choi Han Suk had no say in their outfits because they all looked good.  Seriously, if anything consistently sucked throughout this program it was the horrendous clothing.

Taking care of some business first:  The picture of Taekwon v. Chungkang belongs in a MacGruber sketch.  Kwon Risae is really pretty and has a banging body.  Kim Yoona didn’t make it to the final show for health reasons.  Reading her tweets for the past few weeks I could slowly see her getting sicker and sicker.  Its like “oh here’s me and all my meds.”  Then next week she shows up with an iv in her arm.  Then it’s a patch over her eye.  What’s the point of working so hard if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labor.  Aigo.  And finally the mission for the final:  Singer’s choice.

Lee Taekwon went first and decided to sing “Peppermint Candy” by YB.  While Taekwon stole my heart when he sang Toy’s “Still Beautiful” he kept my interest by singing rock songs.  I love that Taekwon surprises me with his song selections.  For a kid who is 20 (21 in Korea) he’s very mature and thoughtful.

Taekwon met Yoon Do Hyun and explains that he’s always wanted to be in a band.  Since this is going to be Taekwon’s last performance he wanted to have no regrets and just sing what he wanted.

Mentor Shin said that this isn’t his last song but the first song of his career.  Mentor Lee said it was great but he slightly went off pitch.  Mentor Bang said he still has a long way to go but he wished him luck.
Bang:  9.5  Lee:  9.3  Shin:  9.5= 28.3
Baek Chungkang followed up with a performance of  “Resignation” by Big Mama.  Chungkang was watching tv one day and heard this song.  The lyrics hit him so hard that he  just sang and sang it.  I love that everyone is now telling Chungkang to screw that nasal habit bull and to just go for it.  Lee Eun Mi was right to correct Chungkang’s vocal habits because its made him such a better singer but now it’s not about that, its about singing your heart out.
Mentor Shin believes ChungKang finally understand the lyrics he’s singing  and says he’s proud of him.  Mentor Lee says that he looked a bit nervous singing in front of so many people while Mentor Bang said that he’s no longer a contestant but a musician.  He wants Chungkang to always remember his struggles and hopes to meet him again in the music field.
 Bang:  9.0  Lee:  9.0  Shin:  9.6= 27.6
Some of the 12 members were invited to perform again.  First up was Kwon Risae performing “Like a Virgin” or “Like a BURGeen” by Madonna.  Watching her, I realize why she was cut in the first episode.   Had to fast forward it like war had broken out on the East Coast and I was packing my stuff up for the trek to Canada.
Omg the cross mentee performance!  David Oh and Jo Hyun Woo singing “Shy Boy/Girl” by Secret and it was so freaking cute.  David, Hyun Woo and Noh Jihoon should form some sort of Great Birth idol group.  I’d watch it.
Next up was little Jung In and Yoona singing “Dancing Queen” by Abba.  It’s a throwback to the highly praised duet performance the two gave during the audition phase.
After the performances, we got to see Kim Tae Won mentor giving the two finalists an awesome awesome gift;  Their own songs personally written and composed by Kim Tae Won.  Lee Tae Kwon was so overwhelmed he started crying.  Its the first time we get to see Taekwon show any emotion.  I keep forgetting how young he is because he’s much more mature than his years.  But watching him cry just makes me want to give him a bear hug.  Taekwon’s song was called “Black and white photo” and Chungkang’s was called “I guess this farewell becomes a star.”  It’s actually a lot more poetic in Korean.
While both songs are nice I feel like I’ve heard them before.  I love Kim Tae Won but a lot of his songs tend to sound very similar.  If I had never heard a Boohwal song I would have loved both of them but I guess the fact that I’ve heard so many of his songs sort of make me itch for something different.
The final 10 eliminated contestants gave a choreographed performance while the votes were being calculated.  There was also a montage of the past episodes.  I didn’t know that Kwon Risae, David Oh and Noh Jihoon (aka the good looking ones) were on Sebakwi.  Brb, going to find episode.
Finally the MC trolled everyone by holding off on the results for literally 7 minutes.  By the end the two were laughing at the entire situation.  “The winner is….the winner of Star Audition….the winner of the great birth….ah lets do an interview.”
So after a lifetime of waiting the MC announces ChungKang as the winner.  His mom rushes on stage and gives him a gigantic hug while Kim Tae Won presents him with a representative oversized check for 300,000,000 won (approximately $280,000).  Chungkang also won a luxury K7 car.  And while Taekwon didn’t win the final he also goes home with new Kia K5.
Chungkang cries and thanks the mentors, the fans, and his parents.  He gives a specific shout out to Kim Yoona mentor and her two mentees Jung Heejoo and Baek Sae Eun for taking care of him during this entire time.  Aww I knew those girls were sweet but I really didn’t know how much they cared.
Congrats to the kid.  The entire “he hates Korea” scandal was ridiculous and I’m glad it didn’t hinder his win.  I remember watching his first audition and was amazed that he would travel 13 hours just to audition for a singing competition.  Half his hair was covering his face and he cried as looked into the camera and told his parents that he’d become a singer in Korea.  Almost a year later, he’s gained so much confidence and inner strength.  I really hope him and Taekwon have long lasting careers in the industry.  Get it!
While this show had its bad, boring, and asinine moments it was way better than any other audition show I’ve seen.  I hope season 2 is just as awesome and that the mentors stay with the program.  They were the backbone of this show and regardless of their opinions, I really do believe they made these kids better singers and entertainers.
Shoot, what am I going to do now that this show is over?!

2 Responses to "MBC Star Audition 위대한 탄생 – Episode 26"

I wonder if Baek Chungkang´s fans will ever dole out money for his CDs and concerts. He never charted on the music charts. Or maybe it´s the cost of a text message is what his fans can afford? What do you think?

Texts are extremely cheap in Korea, basically free, so his fans didn’t need cash for that. As for money for concerts and CDs, a lot of his fans are older and have disposable income. He has charted and is still within the top 30 on bug’s real time chart.

Whether his fans will actually come to see him in concert or buy his CDs is really unknown. If anything if he has an amazing song on his album, not only will his fans pay to see him, he’ll garner new fans.

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