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Best Love Preview Ep 9 & 10

Posted on: May 27, 2011

Episode 9:  Aejung is hurt when Dokko reveals that he no longer has feelings for her.  However, she doesn’t feel right going back to Piljoo (to film We Got Married-equse show) because she doesn’t have feelings for Piljoo.  Piljoo convinces her to continue with the show by saying all he wants is an opportunity with her.  She decides to film the show and tries to open up her heart to Piljoo.

Episode 10:  Dokko obviously still has feelings for Aejung but convinces himself that its because he feels sorry for her not because he’s in love.  Mina and Piljoo continue to meet and Mina reveals why Gookpo Sonyeo broke up.  When Mina drank the laced drink from Seri, she was rushed to the hospital only to find out she was pregnant.  Mina wanted to disappear and so Aejung decided to break the group up.  Aejung has been holding these secrets without telling anyone for the past 10 years.  Dokko who has no idea about any of this goes to film Aejung’s music video and in the process ends up hurting her again.

This doesn’t pertain to the show but…Imma just leave this here.

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