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Best Love Episode 8 Review

Posted on: May 27, 2011

I think it was way too obvious that Dokko had an excuse for why he bought Aejung’s shoes no?  There was no way the writers were going to make him publicly confess his love for her so early into the drama.  Although it would have made things more interesting.  Dokko had a pretty good excuse too.  He’s totally doing it for charity.  Another thing I’ve learned from life;  if you say it’s for charity/children no one can dispute it, no one not even Jesus floating down from Heaven on a surfboard wearing a rasta hat.

And aww chyeah for Piljoo getting his game on and giving all three roses to Aejung.  I love that Piljoo confessed his feelings to her instead of just doing random acts of kindness hoping she’ll get the hint.  Gah he’s so sweet…my heart is so conflicted…Piljoo…Dokko…Piljoo…Dokko….PILJOO….DOKKO…gdi.

Right when I think I’m Team Piljoo, Dokko lays on the guilt with the Azaleas.  Azaleas is a Korean poem and Dokko tells Aejung that he’s had a bad heart and if she goes out with Piljoo his heart will literally break.  He’s scattering his Azaleas in front of her and now that she knows the truth, will she be able to step on them and leave him to “die?”


When you leave,
weary of me,
without a word I shall gently let you go.

From Mt. Yak
in Yongbyon
I shall gather armfuls of azaleas
and scatter them on your way.

Step by step
on the flowers placed before you
tread lightly, softly as you go.

When you leave
weary of me,
though I die, I’ll not let one tear fall.

Dokko goes full heartbreak moaning and clenching his heart.  That is until a soccer ball lands by his feet.  Forgetting that he’s supposedly two steps from Heaven’s gate, he shows off his best Park Jisung moves and gets caught in his own lie.  Puah.

Finally Aejung’s dad confesses to Piljoo’s mom.  But not in the way I was expecting.  Piljoo’s mom is furious and believes Aejung dug her claws into Piljoo which offends Aejung’s dad.  Piljoo isn’t a prize either so screw you, your herbal medicine and Korean beef.  I’ll throw it up for you right here biyach!

Later when Dokko finds Aejung in the conference room signing autographs he readily joins in signing each picture as slow as possible just so he can spend more time with Aejung.  This entire scene was awesome.  When Cha Seung Won tones down the crazy the interaction between the two seems so genuine and comfortable.  Who hasn’t had those moments just enjoying time with their significant other, getting to know them, sharing inside jokes, laughing…sigh~

But there is an ominous cloud coming over the hills and thy name is Seri.  Now that she knows Dokko also likes Aejung she’s hell bent on making sure Aejung doesn’t get either Piljoo or Dokko.  She’s so mean.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she had tried to poison Aejung.  Oh wait she already tried that.  I totally didn’t see that coming.  A person has to be pretty messed in the head to consider poisoning someone a prank.  If I was Aejung I would have punched Seri in the face.  And then punched her again for making my hand hurt.

I was having so much fun watching Aejung and Dokko that I totally forgot that Piljoo is in the race…way way back at the starting line.  At least he has Mina giving him advice on wooing Aejung.  Dude’s got to catch a break if he’s going to compete with Dokko.  And what’s the secret?  Mina tells Piljoo that when the four girls were in National Treasure, Aejung loves these particular clover shaped pastries.  Food is always a winner in my book.  Mmmmm….clovers….

The writers love making analogies and metaphors don’t they.  So Dokko represents azaleas while Piljoo represents clovers.  But Aejung’s got so many flowers floating around in her head she doesn’t have any room for clovers and tells Piljoo the same.  And we see Piljoo’s heart slowly breaking…you’re a hearrrrtttt breaker!

If only they didn’t end this episode the way they did.  Dokko thinks his heart races because Aejung’s song was playing during his heart surgery and tells Aejung he no longer likes her.  Stupidest plot development ever.  You know in the next episode he ends up realizing he loves her and tries to get her back.  Two steps forward, five steps back.

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