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Best Love Episode 7 Review

Posted on: May 25, 2011

Episode 7 starts off where we last left the three main characters.  Aejung was crying in the arms of Piljoo while Dokko watched from the sidelines, trying to convince himself to walk away from the situation.  I hated the part where Dokko pretends that his arms and legs have been possessed.  I get it, you have feelings for her and don’t want to leave.  I don’t think you need to pretend your heart and mind are actually physically fighting each other.  Totally ruined the scene for me.

At least we got a glimpse of Aejung’s sordid past.  Seems like she was dating an actor who had sworn he was single.  Later the news came out that the celeb was in fact in a relationship and the papers painted Aejung as the slutty girl who broke up a relationship and simply used the celeb to further her acting career.  Sigh.  I hate how its so true to real life.  It’s never the guy’s fault for cheating is it.  Like guys don’t have brains or free will or something.

And omg how cheesy was Piljoo with the “national treasure” lines.  “I couldn’t help when our nations treasure was hurt (talking about the real life arson at Dong Dae Mun) but I promised to take care of the national treasure in front of me”…I can’t even type the rest of his cheese.  It actually fits his character but I can’t believe the writers actually wrote those lines.  They don’t even go full cheese on Glee.  You never go full cheese!

I thought they did the entire luncheon scene really well.  Director Moon invites Dokko and Aejung to lunch and we get to see the two for the first time since the “sleep with me and I’ll appear in your music video” incident.  While Director Moon is called away, Aejung lays it on.  While Dokko tries to excuse himself Aejung tells him to sit since they need to go over the details of the music video.  When Dokko calls her bluff Aejung threatens to write a tell all book exposing Dokko’s proposition.

This entire conversation catches Dokko totally off guard because he knows in his heart that she’s not a manipulative bitch.  I love that Aejung flipped the situation on him.  Instead of cowering and feeling like shit in front of him she uses his own words against him and uses it as leverage.  Total power shift.

Well this doesn’t sit well with Dokko and he physically retrains her (I hate when guys think that’s okay.  It might be hot in dramas but so not hot when it happens in real life).  He asks whether she’s acting like this because she’s hurt by his words or because she’s been manipulating him since the beginning.  And Aejung does what I would have totally done: “Think whatever you like!”

Of course Dokko can’t stand the fact that he’s not in total control and calls Director Moon to write up a contract ASAP.  He’s going to do everything he can for Aejung’s music career.  Basically he’s now going to put the ball in Aejung’s court.  If she’s got any pride (and feelings for Dokko), she won’t sign the contract because if she does, its basically affirming Dokko’s hurtful words to her; that she’s easy.

And she signs the contract!  The best director, writer, and choreographer have been lined up for her.  She knows Dokko is testing her but she signs and in effect giving up her pride.  Director Moon is quick on the take and understands what’s going on.  She tells Aejung she was right to sign, plus if she didn’t she was going to cut her from the company.

Oh how I hate inept men.  The fact that her father continues to misrepresent himself to Piljoo’s mom is going to come back to bite her in the ass in a later episode.  Everyone’s told a few white lies but he continues with the lie because he is tempted with beef.

While most people think the karaoke scene was hilarious I thought it was painful.  Aejung, her brother, and Jenny go to celebrate and invite Dokko’s manager.  Dokko overhears the plan and tags along.  Once there Dokko and his manager sing “Heartbreaker” by G-Dragon.  The lyrics mirroring Dokko’s feelings.  “You’re a Heartbreaker!” hahah.  But that’s where the laughs end.  Cha Seung Won’s over acting totally killed the scene.  He could have just sung Heartbreaker and it would have been so much better.

While everyone seems to love the absurdities in the show, I really like the quiet moments between the actors.  When Dokko and Aejung go to another room and talk it out my annoyance at the previous scene quickly subdued.  The two are mature enough to talk out their feelings, Aejung more than Dokko.  While Dokko tells her that he understands if she was just hurt by his words and signed the contract because of it, he’s really in effect asking her to say she likes him.  Aejung however tells him that she can’t like someone like him because she needs to eat and survive.  So she’s really in effect telling him she likes him but won’t do anything about it.

Cha’s acting was great when he was giving Aejung back the pen she had lost.  I wish he would do more of this type of acting and less “Heartbreaker”acting.  And thank the heavens the writers resolved the pen misunderstanding so fast.

Oh and Dokko Jin in a suit…PERFFFECT!  What’s more perfect?  Dokko Jin being a princess to Aejung’s frog.

I liked the entire Piljoo and Dokko meeting.  Each holding one of Aejung’s shoes and basically having a dick waving contest.  And to top it off the two have a betting contest trying to win those same shoes in an online auction.  $500 for a pair of used shoes is pretty damn high but the fact that these two end up raising the price to $10,000 is hilarious.  They’re so absorbed with winning that they don’t realize how much $10,000 is and how absurd its going to look that someone was willing to pay that much for a D-List celebrity’s sneakers.

Seri finally figures out that Piljoo is smitten over Aejung and not her.  Which doesn’t bode well for Aejung as Seri hints to journalists that Aejung rigged the auction.  Once that hits the internet rumors start to float and if I’ve learned anything, once it hits the internet it must be true.

The scene with Ding Dong and Aejung was done so well.  It really goes to show you how powerful words can be.  Ding Dong surfs the internet only to find people calling Aejung a rag and that she has a sponsor.  So true to reality no?  People tending to jump to conclusions and making huge deals out of nothing.

The next day, Aejung has to APOLOGIZE to the staff for something that she didn’t even do.  The show is angry at her for bringing bad press and pressures her to solve that situation.  Aejung steps outside to find a hoard of “journalists” and in a panic loses her shoe.  Suddenly like Prince Charming coming to Cinderella’s rescue, Dokko arrives holding her sneakers and announces to the world that he was the one who bought her shoes.

I hope Aejung and Dokko get together soon because I love scenes where they are together, especially when Dokko does sweet things for Aejung.  There needs to be more romantic gestures in this drama.  Yeah Dokko Jin maybe fine but that isn’t enough.

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