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Come to Play Birth of a Great Star Edition Part 2

Posted on: May 23, 2011

Episode 301

Date 2011.03.28

In this second part of the show, the entire cast is transferred to a more intimate setting.  We’re all supposed to think they’re having a sleepover and spend the time snacking and talking about their lives.  There are two additional hosts that join them (Leessang’s Gil and DJ D.O.C’s Kim Haneul) and the two go around critiquing the guests.  They tell Shin Seung Hoon to stop acting so nice and forcing Bang Shi Hyuk to be the bad cop.  They tell KTW to stop doing so many variety shows while they tell Lee Eun Mi to stop getting perms.  As for Kim Yoona…they let her slide because she’s pretty.

Bang Shi Hyuk talks about the first song he ever composed called “Daisy” written back in his high school days.  Its just what you would expect from the high school student.  “Daisy Daisy…”  lol.  While he is 2AM’s boss, there are times where his songs get rejected by them.  While 2AM doesn’t necessarily have full control over their songs, he won’t make them sing something they oppose.  Although people may think Bang rules his label with an iron fist, he’s usually the one trying to gauge everyone’s opinions.

KTW has a similar rejection story.  Yoon Sang Young from the Secret Garden drama had asked him to write a song for his new album but once Yoon heard it he rejected it.  That song was “Secret” which KTW ended up giving to Park Wan Gyu who took that song to #1 on the charts, beating even IU.  KTW has had his share of rejection.  Back when his band was called “The End” they entered an audition for a certain label only to be promptly cut.  However that audition changed the course of their life.  Lee Seung Chul, Boohwal’s first singer was also auditioning that day but rejected the label’s offer because they wanted to cut Lee’s hair.  KTW asked Lee to join their band and the rest is history.

Shin Seung Hoon knows rejection all too well.  He’s played in every type of stage from a bar to a hair salon.  While women were getting their hair done he was sitting by singing his heart out but no one seemed to notice.  Singing in a bars people would sudden scream out to the waiters, and in coffee shops people would just stand up and leave.  He still remembers all those hurtful moments and that’s why he feels connected to the auditioners from MBC’s Birth of a Great Star.

Lee Eun Mi never auditioned but rather people were clamoring for her to join their companies.  Her first performance was to sing “The Greatest Love of All” at a cafe and after singing the first few notes she had captivated the entire audience.  It actually took 4 years for her to debut because she felt she needed more practice.  It wasn’t until a senior of hers told her the place to practice is the stage that she decided to make her own album.  Throughout the entire story Shin Seung Hoon holds his guitar hoping Lee Eun Mi would start belting out a few bars but instead he gets rejected (LOL) and KTW ends up singing “You are so Beautiful” in her place.  His voice is not bad for a guitar player.

Kim Yoona never thought she was going to be a singer but she always knew she was going to do music.  During college she met the members of what are now Jaurim and they made a demo tape.  When they shopped it around all the labels told her to leave her group and go solo.  She refused and instead stuck it out with her mates.  KTW acknowledges how hard it is for a band to debut these days and gives her props for sticking it out.

Since Bang Shi Hyuk is an A&R person he sees a lot a aspiring singers but the one who stood out the most was Jo Kwon.  Jo Kwon was 13 when he auditioned but he had this energy about him that he still posses to this day.  Another singer that left an impression was Rain.  Rain had actually debuted with a group but it failed and Rain eventually came to JYP to audition.  Both JYP and Bang didn’t think he had the looks and his dancing wasn’t that great but there was something about Rain that drew them in and they knew that Rain had to debut again.  The last singer is Lim Jung Hee.  She first auditioned in high school and she actually came to Bang’s home to audition.  He and JYP were amazed with her voice and promised each other to do whatever it took to have her debut.

The group then transitioned to a part of the program called “My Own Ranking” where each guest has a question and gives their top three answers.

KTW:  “Thank you variety shows but things that I’ve lost because of it”

3.  Bathroom:    KTW has had a weak bladder since he was little and wherever he goes he has to know where the bathroom is.  If here is no bathroom he gets nervous and starts to sweat.  He even knows where all the good bathrooms because of his frequent visits.  However because of his fame, people recognize him going to the bathroom and its hard for him to get his business done.  He even tried to take off his glasses but that just makes everyone scream “omg he took his glasses off!”

2.  Alcohol:  There’s this feeling that you get when you’re drinking but he had to quit a year ago and he misses that feeling.

1.  Silence:  He realizes that people try to fill in awkward pauses by talking but there is a beauty in the silence.  However because he became famous now, people think he’s arrogant if he doesn’t talk so he’ll ends up talking nonsense just to entertain the audience.  It’s actually sort of sad.

Lee Eun Mi:  “I’m strong but things I become weak about”

3.  Scary Questions:  Questions like “who is your closest celebrity friends” scare her.  If she’s not very close to someone its hard for her to show her affection or to become close to them so she’s not sure how to answer those types of questions.  Everyone tells her it’s okay and now she can say KTW is her closest friend.

2.  Talented Juniors:  When she meets young talent, she wants to get close to them and becomes really sweet and light hearted.

1.  Delicious Food:  She becomes weak about food and she asks the question that everyone wants to know:  why does everything that taste good bad for you!?  Seriously.

When asked what everyone is afraid of, Bang Shi Hyuk says that when he meets someone beautiful he can’t look at them in the eyes.  He doesn’t know why but he feels uncomfortable looking at them in the eye.  KTW on the other hand isn’t scared of much and even loves ghosts.  Then Lee Eun Mi says she is scared of bugs which makes KTW blurt out “oh yeah I’m afraid of rats!”  He said he once met a rat the size of a cat and instead of running away this rat stared at him like he was challenging him.  Oh and he’s also afraid of snakes.  Didn’t he just say he wasn’t afraid of anything?  LOL.

Shin Seung Hoon:  “In the 20 years since my debut, the moments when I cried”

3.   A winter day in 1995:  In the fall his grandmother had died and then in November of that year Kim Sung Jae from the group Duex suddenly died.  He had been very close to him and it devastated him.  The last straw was when then he found out that the woman he had loved was getting married to another man.  While singing a particular song he started crying uncontrollably.

2.  2010 Tour:  He has been in the industry for 20 years and decided to do a country wide tour that year.  While he was on tour, he was singing “You are so beautiful” and while he was singing everyone in the audience was crying.  The moment he saw them he started crying so hard he had to stop the performance.  That song means a lot to him and performed it for the group.

KTW actually talks about how he had met Park Wan Gyu.  While Park left the group several years ago, KTW still kept in touch.  One day he saw how desperate Park had become and so KTW gave Park the song “Secret” and now Park has seen a revival of his career.  So that song really moves him.  He even sang a few lines although he needed the sheet music.  He wrote the song but can’t remember it.  He really is the nations grandmother.

For Kim Yoona, the song that is really close to her heart is Sinead O’Conner’s “Nothing Compares to You.”  She didn’t know if she wanted to become a singer but when she heard Sinead sing she decided then and there to become more than someone who just enjoyed music.

We never get to see what #1 was for Shin!  Darn editing.

Kim Yoona: “Visuals are visuals but times when I’ve really felt it”

3.   When I don’t understand why a particular song or movie becomes a hit:  The movies she likes are always not the movies the general public likes.  She doesn’t understand why its supposed to be funny or entertaining.

One of the other hosts says that while Kim Yoona seems to have quirky tastes she picked a really good husband.  Kim Hyung Kyu is a VJ (also younger than her) and they married a few years ago.  I guess the host really had a crush on him because she couldn’t let go of the fact that he and Yoona were married.

2.  What she considers sexy and good looking is totally different from everyone else:  She says that she looks for a particular charm in a man and its usually not attracted to who everyone else is.  But then the host again explains that she ended up marrying a good looking guy.  (awkward much?).  Kim Yoona explains that she actually saw him as a VJ on a tv show and remember thinking how good he was at his job.  That’s what attracted her to him at first.

1.  I can count the number of friends on my hand:  She’s been in the industry for 15 years and she thinks that she should have a lot of friends in the industry as well as  juniors that look up to her but she doesn’t.  The people she is close with are Kim C, Lee Juck, Kim Dong Ryul, and the members of YB.  And even then she’s not sure if they consider her a close friends.

Bang Shi Hyuk:  “The stories behind my songs”

3.  Rain’s Bad Boy:  JYP and he thought this song was going to kill on the charts.  However after Rain’s first week of performances Bang’s friends told him that Rain had small eyes and that Bang should think about looks when he picks singers.  While many might think Rain hit it big with “Bad Boy” it was actually Rain’s charm shown on variety shows that actually made him famous.

2.  Lee Hyun’s “You’re the Best thing”:  He’s been producing and working with Lee Hyun for a long time and while producing this song Bang wrote on twitter “I think this is the best thing i’ve written” as a pun.  However everyone who read it thought he was cocky and big headed.

1.  Baek Ji Young’s “Hit like a Bullet”:  Since he debuted, Bang’s had big hits and he’s really hadn’t had rough times like many others in the industry.  Thinking back he thinks he was losing his focus and instead of music, he was focusing on managing a company.  JYP and Bang met up and JYP told him that he didn’t hang out with Bang because he wanted to hear about management techniques.  He hung out with Bang because of their love of music.  After hearing that Bang really thought hard about how his life was going and it was during that time that he wrote this song.  And it became the biggest hit of his life.

The show closes with some final words.  KTW says that these five judges will become like family by the end of MBC’s Star Audition.  Lee Eun Mi says that its been 22 years since she debuted and she still gets nervous.  Seeing these kids she wonders how scared and nervous they are and she wants to help them prepare for the stage.  For Kim Yoona, she sees how innocent and kind they are but wants them to be more thoughtful/cunning.  Shin Seung Hoon says that there has to be people who love music for people to give music.  Finally Bang Shi Hyuk says that regardless of who wins the competition all five of them will be proud of the results.

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