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I am a Singer Songs Charting on Bugs

Posted on: May 22, 2011

As expected the first 7 songs charting on Bugs realtime chart are the songs performed by the singers in this week’s episode of “I am a Singer.”

1.  Im Jae Bum “Everyone”
2.  Kim Yeon Woo “If You are Like Me”
3.  Kim Bum Soo “Swamp”
4.  YB “Run Devil Run”
5.  BMK “Beautiful Country”
6.  Lee Sora “It’s Love”
7.  Park Jung Hyun “Rain Shower”

And at #8 is Im Jae Bum’s new song “Love” found on City Hunter’s OST.

Interesting how the rankings are similar to the rankings of the 500 audience members.  I thought Kim Yeon Woo should have ranked second but I still don’t know if that would have been enough for him to stay in the competition.  Oh well.

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