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1 Night 2 Days Celebrity Edition

Posted on: May 22, 2011

Part 1 of the special 1 Night 2 days episode aired today and it was better than I thought.  There weren’t many laughs but the sheer novelty factor had me glued to the screen.  The queen bee Kim Soo Mi is hilarious as always.  I never realized how funny she was until I saw a behind the scenes video of her and Jo In Sung on the set of “What Happened in Bali.”  This is how she introduced herself:  “Hello, someone is going to die by my hands today.”

Most of the six actresses have never met each other so Na PD arranged for them to meet first before the opening of the show.  When Na PD asked the six to each pick a member of the 1N2D team, the oldest Kim Soo Mi turned to everyone and declared Seunggi was her’s.  She’s like the Kang Ho Dong of the six.  Don’t mess with her or she’ll cut you.  Kim Haneul, or as Kang Ho Dong calls her, Kim Sky, Choi Ji Woo and Eom Jung Hwa all picked Lee Su Geun while Seo Woo and Lee Hye Young picked Kang Ho Dong.  Who knew Su Geun was so popular.

Once the six joined the 1N2D team, they split into groups and the girls were given their first Bok Bol Bok mission.

Team 1:  Eom Jung Hwa, Kim Haneul, Seo Woo, Um Tae Woong, Lee Su Geun, Eun Ji won

Team 2:  Kim Soo Mi, Choi Ji Woo, Lee Hye Young, Kang Ho Dong, Lee Seunggi, Kim Jong Min

The two teams were going to play last week’s racing game.  Each team was to get to an appointed spot by solving clues given to them by Na PD along the way.  The losing team will be required to perform the baptism of 1N2D.  But before they began,  the girls were all given envelops with money and a mission.  Buy the food listed inside the envelop and bring it back to the KBS building.  Once all three members of each group arrive, they could start their journey.  Since this was a bok bul bok game, some got easier missions while others like Choi Ji Woo ended up having to get a watermelon.  Hallyu star Choi Ji Woo running around with a watermelon on the streets of Yeouido= Priceless.

Once both teams were in their cars and on the highway team 1 with its brains Lee Su Guen and Eun Ji Won directed everyone to see whether Na PD had hidden the clues in their car and sure enough they began finding clue after clue.   They are seriously game pros.  While Team 2 chatted it up, team 1 was already solving their clues and finding their way to their destination without any prompting from Na PD.

And Kim Haneul is freaking hilarious.  Supposedly Kim is a huge fan of the show and went 100% variety screaming and cracking up at anything and everything.  I’ve never really liked her acting but she should totally get into variety shows.  She’s so likeable.  I can’t wait until Dramabeans does their recap of the show!  Eek.

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