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Shayne Orok Eliminated from MBC Star Audition

Posted on: May 20, 2011

What in the world!!  Well good for him getting this far.  I totally didn’t even think he was top 12 material nor did many others.  The fact that he got this far is a testament to his endurance and talent.  And don’t feel so bad for him.  Yeah he didn’t get the car or the money but how many 19 year olds can say they spent half a year becoming a Korean star singing with some of the greatest in the country.  Plus at 19 he’s got years to perfect his craft.

And OMG!  the three had a surprise meeting with DOKKO JIN!!!  EEEEKKKK.  Man I know Cha Seung Won is a hottie and has a great body but it doesn’t register as well until he stands next to regular folk.  He like towers over them.  I can’t believe this dude has a 21 year old son.

Recap coming soon.

15 Responses to "Shayne Orok Eliminated from MBC Star Audition"

Shayne is horrible. If he was to have appeared on American Idol, he would not have gotten past the first round. The judges were infatuated by a non-korean but their unending praise was ridiculous. He always hides behind the piano and uses it as a crutch. I cheered when he was finally knocked off!

John, seriously? Don’t be hating on people who are TRYING to get far. and you go on knocking them down when they are trying to get back up. I mean, I bet you dont have the guts to go to a TOTALLY different place where you cant speak the language and get to TOP 3. I admit that his korean is not perfect, but hes gotten way better compared to the first time he spoke and sang in korean. He is a great singer and can write FABULOUS music. He has an amazing YouTube channel. So, please check other resources of his talent before you go blabbing off about how terrible he is.

Hey Lumnuts John! You don’t know what the Hell you’re wrinting about! You don’t know musical and vocal talent if it even bit you in the ASS! You’re probably just sitting in front of your crummy PC, just trying to figure out a way of getting your next welfare check!!! You have NOTHING compared to this artist! SHAYNE OROK, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

He has more guts than you! Unlike you he goes on stage and shows his talents, but you just hide behind your computer criticizing people, that’s just low! He obviously has more talent than you.

I CANNOT believe you said that whoever you are (JOHN). apparently you cant appreciate people with unique voices. And if you were able to play the piano, why not use it to its fullest extent? PLEASE, youre saying as if you could be 19, have a UNIQUE voice, and make it that far in korea. He didnt even know how to speak korean and he tried his best. I cannot believe people would be haters on him. And frankly, if you, John, were on MBC and got kicked off, I would cheer as you were walking off stage. So yeah, thanks for spreading the hate. SHAYNE, I LOVE YOU, FORGET THE HATERS YOU HAVE AN AMAZING VOICE. IM SO PROUD OF YOU GOING TO KOREA AND BEING IN TOP 3. ❤

John i see you dont like Shayne
Shayne is a genious and a good singer
Btw how could u do that to shayne dont even leave a reply because we dont need your complements.
If you were a singer i would not be a fan of yours!!!
Shayne if you are seeing this dont worry 🙂

anyone who thinks shayne is a singer with any talent should immediately seek professional assistance

Hey, I bet we all would love to see how much talent you have. How well do you think YOU can sing in comparison to SHAYNE? Hm?? I really admire Shayne for how far he’s gotten. Just because he doesn’t have a STRONG voice, doesn’t mean it isn’t a beautiful one. And his piano skills are nothing short of exceptional. I, personally think that you’re the one that really needs some help, especially with your manners…

WOW. how rude can you be? seriously? SOME people are actually fans of him and enjoy his performances and music. so if you’re going to hate, go somewhere else.

All you making RUDE comments need to shut your mouths!!.. i bet none of you can even sing.. yea i don’t see you making it in the TOP 3!!.. if they didn’t like him they would have gotten rid of him before but They are ACTUALLY know what their doing and im guessing your just typing this at home and being a nobody!!..Shayne Has talent and can ACTUALLY sing.. if you have a problem with this keep it to yourself because no one wants to hear it.. I happen to think Shayne is TALENTED and can SING.. FYI (nobody is perfect).. yea not even you.. SO I SAY” Shayne you did AWESOME and I hope you follow your DREAMS and don’t let “anyone” bring you down or make you think differently about YOUR dreams!!.. WE ♥ YOU SHAYNE and WISH THE BEST FOR YOU!!-

Shayne sucks. He only made it that far because he is non-korean. He is a typical crooner that can be found at your local karaoke place. He also has a creepy molester look

I loved you Shayne, you tried your best!
Don’t worried about BAD SUCK comment, that will help you to prove yourself.

Those of you hating on Shayne, are just ignorant and stupid! This kid has plenty of talent and the only reason why your hating on him is because you tried out for MBC failed horribly because you sounded like a cat slowly being crushed by a bus. So until you find Talent, sit down, be quiet and learn to appreciate music!

I would have never thought there could be so much haters in this world?!?! Lets see you guys making it to the top 3 in a whole ‘nother foreign country.. and then maybe you would have the right to say such things. The only reason Shayne made it was because he was a non-korean? I’m pretty sure ALL the judges out there didn’t have that exact reason. Man, so stupid. Shayne, you DO have a talent that will go far.. i hope things go well and keep it up!!(:

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