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More Jeon Ji Hyun at Cannes

Posted on: May 19, 2011

The girl is lucky that everything looks good on her.  She’s definitely not a trendsetter that’s for sure.  First off, the luncheon for her movie.  I loved this look on her.  Very sophisticated sexy.  The earrings were beautiful, her hair was beautiful and definitely looked the best out of the four.

Next, she was spotted at one of the thousand parties currently occurring at Cannes.

She must be feeling the effects of the time difference because girl was looking like a hot mess.  This was the only decent picture I found.  Li Bingbing worked it tho.  Oh wells, at least Gianna looked decent for her photo sessions.

And then I saw all these pictures of her arriving in France and wtf.  I know no one looks good walking off a plane but why is she wearing those heels with that outfit?  I’m confused.  But you know I shouldn’t hate.  I dress like this all the time.  Sometimes I run out the door with sweatpants, a blouse and gold flats on thinking I look good.  And I don’t realize what a hot mess I am until I’m about a foot from the glass doors at the mall and see myself in the reflection.  By then my lazy ass won’t allow myself to go home and change so I spent all day looking like a prank gone wrong.

Also Korean dudes nay dudes, are such pervs.  When I went to search her on the Korean portals, the first thing that the search engines pull up as I type her name is “Jeon Ji Hyun Cannes” and the next thing on the list is “Jeon Ji Hyun naked.”  Once Cannes is done, guess what will be back at #1.  WTF she’s never even willingly been photographed nor filmed nude before.  Either these searchers want photoshopped nudes of her or hope to find pictures of her nude that are taken without her consent.  Both very creepy.

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