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Best Love Mimics S#arp Drama?

Posted on: May 19, 2011

Best Love is a drama that deals with the inner workings of the entertainment industry but unlike say “On Air”, the drama pokes fun of the sometimes ridiculous nature of the entertainment beast.  For example, Dokko Jin is written as a hallyu star and his stardom hilariously mimics Rain’s, or how the idol group Aejung belonged to is called “Gookpo So Nyeo” a la “So Nyeo Shi dae.”

Anyways, the reason Aejung’s singing group fell apart was that Aejung slapped Seri and it was plastered on every paper in Korea.  I totally thought of S#arp and their drama.  Back in the 90’s S#arp was a four member kpop group with a few hits under their belt.  The two girls in the group supposedly did not get along and there were articles suggesting violence either physically or verbally between the two.  It culminated when Suh Jiyoung’s mom reportedly slapped Lee Ji Hye in front of several witnesses.  Suh was dating Hallyu star Ryu Shi Won at the time and there was insane amounts of rumors and anti’s for both sides.

Of course the group fell apart and Suh and Lee eventually released their own albums and appeared on many variety shows, Suh being characterized as the glamorous girl while Lee took the “Aejung” road and became the butt of jokes.  Although the drama deviates a lot from real life, I feel like that was an allusion to the S#arp incident.

On another note, wtf at Dokko Jin telling Aejung to spend the night in exchange for him reviving her career.  While I’d like to say I’m one of those girls who would have punched anyone who had the audacity to say that to my face, in real life I would have totally ran off to cry like Aejung.  And then hoped someone like Yoon Kye Sang would appear and comfort me.  But in real life I’d just sit in my car and cry in an empty parking lot for an hour.

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