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Best Love Episode 5 Commentary

Posted on: May 18, 2011

Not a recap because has the best drama recappers in the world!…and I’m lazy as hale.

Of all the new dramas this has to be the best.  Its been a while since I’ve actually watched an episode of any drama without fast forwarding it.  It takes me 20 minutes or less to get the gist of the entire episode and truthfully I never regret it because I haven’t really missed anything of importance or entertainment.

With that being said, I fast forwarded most of the first four episodes of Best Love as well as the first half of episode 5.  That is until Dokko Jin began his crusade to win Aejung’s heart.  I couldn’t stop smiling as he shoved a flyer in his back pocket goading Aejung into grabbing his ass or when he purposely drove over a speed bump at snail-speed so that Aejung wouldn’t be bothered.  So cute.

While Cha Seung Won has been in several dramas, the last time I remember watching anything he’s been in was “Kick the Moon” back in 2001.  I didn’t even know he was still acting until I heard he was playing the lead in “City Hall” with Kim Sun Ah.  At first his entire shtick in “Best Love” annoyed me but now I can’t get enough of him.  I think it was the last scene in Episode 5 where he’s alone in the movie theater that won me over.  His eyes were so sad.  Now I’m like “hey you with your awesome acting and hot booty, how YOU doing!?”

Sigh, and every time I see Gong Hyo Jin, I’m reminded that her significant other is Ryu Seung Bum.  I used to crush on him so bad.  My stalker side does acknowledge that the two are a perfect couple…*cries in corner*…AND i just noticed they’re wearing couple shoes.  I’m throwing away my TOMS!

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