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Rising Star MBC’s Star Audition Interview

Posted on: May 17, 2011

On the latest episode of MBC’s Star Audition, the top four were interviewed for an entertainment show which aired the next day.  Here it is in youtube form.

What I got from the interview:

  • Its the first time Shayne’s been in a limo
  • David Oh was supposed to be Shayne’s interpreter but it seems Lee Tae Kwon was doing all the translating.  Not only can Tae Kwon sing he can speak English.
  • David’s parents were scheduled to arrive in Korea the following week but David was eliminated so they canceled their trip
  • Lee Tae Kwon’s eyebrows did GROW!  I wasn’t hallucinating.  They randomly grow and fade puah!
  • Son Jin Young was pretty sure he was going to be eliminated while Shayne took the PC road and diverted the question.
  • Shayne doesn’t really love Hyeri.  It wasn’t a true confession on the radio.  They’re just friends.
  • David’s dream girl is Han Hyo Joo while ChungKang’s is Kwon Ji Young of Big Bang.  Which confused everyone until they realized ChungKang was saying he’s a big fan, not that GD is his dream girl.  Shayne picked IU and asked for her autograph
  • The group’s performance of “Gee” was met with great ratings.  Jokingly, Son Jin Young’s friends threatened to beat him up for those pants and Lee Tae Kwon’s friends told him not to contact them.  Of all of them, Lee Tae Kwon probably received the brunt of the comments because of the pink pants he had worn.  Pink is now Lee Tae Kwon; Lee Tae Kwon is now Pink.
  • Lee Tae Kwon is attracted to strong women.
  • ChungKang wants to be a dance singer (no!!!!)
  • A lot of girls really like David who also could be 2Am’s Jinwoon’s long lost brother.
On another note, my mom thinks Lee Tae Kwon should win the entire competition.  When I said ChungKang has more popularity, she cried foul.  She says the last time Chungkang was good was when he sang “Heeyah.”  While I agree that Heeyah was ChungKang’s greatest moment so far, he’s got a ton of ahjumma fans rooting for him to win the car and money and the ladies and the honey.  Or just the car and money.  Although, I’ve got to say Tae Kwon seems to have picked up some steam since last week and the race for the top two is going to be interesting.

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