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I Am a Singer Episode 10

Posted on: May 15, 2011

This week’s mission was to sing a song chosen by Korean netizens.  For example, songs that netizens wanted Lee Sora to sing were songs like Lee Seung Hwan’s 1000 days, JYP’s Honey, and Tashannie’s Haru Haru while netizens wanted Yoon Do Hyun to sing songs like Hyun Bin’s “That Man” and Big Bang’s “Lies”.  Each singer’s list of songs were placed on the wheel and the singer spun the wheel to receive their next assignment.

Lee Sora:  “Its Love” by Son Chan Shik

Yoon Do Hyun:  “Run Devil Run” by Girl’s Generation

BMK:  “Beautiful Country” by Lee Sun Hee

Kim Bum Soo:  “Swamp” by Cho Kwan Woo

Kim Yeon Woo:  “If You’re Like Me” by Kim Jang Hoon

Park Jung Hyun:   “Rain Shower” by Boohwal

Im Jae Bum:  “Everyone” by Yoon Bok Hee 

This episode show the singers perform an early practice session and while its good, the practice session and the live versions a week later can differ significantly.  The 70 staff members placed a ballot for the most anticipated performance with Yoon Do Hyun coming in first.  I’m pretty curious to see if he does those dance moves associated with “Run Devil Run.”

Since this was a practice run, there was no elimination this week.  Next week we get to see one of the singers eliminated and from the previews its most likely BMK or Kim Yeon Woo.

Notes:  I can’t recap this show because it keeps changing up the format and I’m pretty annoyed at the “managers.”  The show keeps making people vote for no reason and at this point I just fast forward to the performances.  In the past two weeks, the show was edited so that halfway through the episode we got to see the singers perform in front of a live audience and at the end we also got to see the rankings for the entire group.  The third live audience performance was supposed to be the elimination performance (aka this week) but it seems that MBC and its producers are stretching it span two episodes.  Instead of the live performances, we got to see the singer in mid-practice and at the end of the episode, a performance by BMK before fading out to a teaser to next weeks performances.  WTF.

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