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MBC Star Audition 위대한 탄생 – Episode 24

Posted on: May 13, 2011

Date 2011.05.13

The challenge for this round was to sing a song that is meaningful in their life.  While the past few weeks began the show with montages, this week we saw the group begin performances early on.

First up was Lee Tae Kwon singing “Although I Loved” by Kim Kwang Suk.  When he was in high school there was a year where he fought with his mom regarding his dreams to become a singer.  His dad wasn’t keen on him singing either.  This song gave him strength during that time.  He was awesome but a bit more awesome tonight, especially by the end.  Maybe because he’s heard the song so much, he seemed so comfortable singing it.

KYA said that although he’s got a cold and didn’t look very well at rehersal, he did a great job.  Mentor Shin stated that he would definitely get a girlfriend soon.  The fact that he could convey such longing for a person who has never been in love was great.  Mentor Lee said she was moved and the song was perfect.  Mentor Bang stated that while he was moved and the song was a great pairing to his voice his rhythm was off.

Bang: 9.0   Lee: 9.5   Shin:  9.0    KTW:  No Vote   KYA:  9.0 = 36.5

Second was Shayne singing “Always you” by Lee Sun Hee.  His mentor had bought him an MP3 player and loaded it up with famous Korean songs.  This was the song that stood out and it means a lot to Shayne because it reminds him of his mentor and this entire experience.  Shayne’s a shy kid but has become more and more confident during this entire process.  I didn’t notice it until now but he actually makes eye contact now and doesn’t look like a scared mouse.  Good for him.  Whats bad is that he was going to remake a song that blew up on the chart 3-4 weeks ago when Yoon Do Hyun performed it on “I am a Singer.”  Yoon’s performance was freaking amazing and garnered him first place on that show so a lot of viewers were undoubtedly going to compare the two.

KYA stated that Korean songs match him so well while KTW said that its not fate or luck that he’s made it to the top four and Mentor Lee said that she was extremely touched and found it cool.  Mentor Bang said that the rhythm should have been tighter and something felt off.

 Bang: 8.7   Lee: 9.5   Shin:  No Vote    KTW:  9.7   KYA:  9.0 = 36.9

Next up was Son Jin Young singing a song with a really long tittle “거꾸로 강을 거슬러 오르는 저 힘찬 연어.”  I’m not even going to try and translate that.  Its by Kang San Ae.  Before Son Jin Young was a singer he dreamed of becoming a Tae Kwon Do champion.  However due to an injury he had to give it up his first dream.  One day he heard this song and he started to dream again.  I thought it was one of his best performances, although it lacked a bit of energy.  Again like Lee Tae Kwon, he seemed really comfortable singing the song.

The mic was faulty during the first few seconds but KYA said he didn’t seem fazed and she hopes that he finds his own color.  Mentor Shin says that he’s all over the place.  Sometimes he’s great, sometimes he’s not so good.  Today he did good.  Mentor Lee said that he lacked energy and when he performs a band, Son needs to try and lead the band with his singing.  Mentor Bang says that its obvious he’s working hard but he needs to sing so that the audience feels the song, not just himself.

 Bang: 8.7   Lee: 8.6   Shin:  8.7    KTW:  No Vote   KYA:  8.0 = 33.9

The final performer was Baek ChungKang performing “We are the Future” by old school boy band H.O.T.  From early on Baek dreamed of coming to Korea and becoming a famous singer.  Watching these guys sing and dance at the same time amazed him (I guess no one told him of lipsyncing back in those days) and made him want to follow in their steps.  It was like watching his Heartbreaker performance but a hundred times worse.  Trying to sing this particular H.O.T. song is hard enough but the fact that there was five of them taking turns singing while there’s only one of Baek makes it worse.  If anything, a rock remake would have saved this train wreck.  Baek’s charm lies in his quiet moments, not when he’s imitating kpop idols.  By the way Shayne’s fans were so good today compared to Baek’s.  Its like there was a transfer of crazy to Baek’s fans.

KYA was worried he wouldn’t be able to sing with the dancing but she enjoyed the performance and showed how hard he worked.  Mentor Shin said that he needed to learn when to breathe and when not to and said that if he’s going to be a singer in the future, he needs to learn that what he wants to sing and what he has to sing are two different animals (Preach.  Jay Park did you hear him?  Tonight should have been your debut single!).  Mentor Lee said that we’ve already seen him do this type of song with Heartbreaker and while its good if you can rap well and sing well, he did neither today.  Mentor Bang stated that its obvious he practiced dancing very well but the rhythm was way off and Bang wants to feel the emotions that Baek gave when he sang Heeyah.

 Bang: 8.3   Lee: 8.0   Shin:  8.9    KTW:  No Vote   KYA:  8.4 = 33.6

During the vote process, we saw the four plus David Oh in a limo on their way to “Guerilla Date” an entertainment show based on celebs being interviewed while walking down a crowded street.  On the way to their interview, Shayne confessed his love for IU and stated he NEEDED her autograph and once outside, the group almost got trampled by the huge crowd.

The four also got to shot a photo spread with a famous Korean photographer and I died when the guy’s first reaction to meeting the four was “wow this isn’t going to be easy.”  So mean but so Korean.  The best model was deemed Lee Tae Kwon and was awarded a nice bag which would look better in my closet.

Finally the group performances were split into two factions.  The Griffin…Kim Tae Won’s mentees and Shin Seung Hoon’s mentee.  Kim Tae Won and his band backed up his three mentees with a performance “1970” complete with cheesy freeze dance moves while Shin Seung Hoon and Shayne did a duet of “I believe.”  Shin must not like singing this song because something was off about his singing.  But man can Shin sing.  Of all the mentors and mentees, Shin has this ability to belt out songs with effortless ease.  I know its not easy singing like he does but he makes it so comfortable that I forget that not everyone can sing “I Believe” as well.

For the elimination portion, Baek Chung Gang was the first to pass through to the next round followed by Lee Tae Kwon leaving Shayne and Son Jin Young on the chopping block.  After a few encouraging words from both mentors, Son Jin Young was eliminated and there was some intense crying by all involved.  While I consider Son to be totally melodramatic, when he talks, he’s so genuine that I can’t hate on him.

Son was more controlled than I thought he would be and through his crying thanked everyone including the fans and staff.  Kim Tae Won was asked to give some finals words and this was what he said through a wavering voice:

Please do music that gives people hope.  And if a day comes that you want to stop singing, become an actor that sings well.  There are people who will always remember you.  And finally, all I did was stand with you.  You’ve come this far through your own strength and you’ve already won.

In two weeks, the finale episode will air including appearances from the eliminated contestants.  Excited.

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