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Best Love’s Bests and Worst Outfits

Posted on: May 13, 2011

Back when I watched “Snow Queen” with Hyun Bin and Sung Yuri, I fell in love with all her outfits and watched not for the story or for the man candy but for the fashion.  MBC’s new drama Best Love might be another one of those.  So far the worst outfit has to be the one Goo Ae Jung wears to the taping of “SeBakKwi”.  Looking at the outfit from the waist up was bad enough…and then they panned out.  Seriously looks like something a student from a high school home economics class made.

My favorite outfit so far was the white skirt with the mid-drift sweatshirt.  Along with her oversized clutch and heels, it was something I could see being translated on the streets.    

Get your oversized clutches on.  While they were in a few years ago, I think the trend was to go big for evening.  I love that they are now being used for everyday use.  These Korean sites have cute clutches for like 35,000W which is pretty much the equivalent of $30.  While in my experience these cheap items are just that; cheap, its worth it for trendy items which you might not pull out of the closet once the season is over.

And a tie for second:  the black and pink lace dress and Dokko Jin’s PANTIES!…boxers.

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