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MBC Star Audition Text Votes Update

Posted on: May 9, 2011

Here are this weeks text numbers.  It was a pretty close race between David Oh and the 4th place contestant (which I’m 93.4% sure is Son Jin Young).  That said, the second place contestant is creeping up in the voting yet still has a lot of room to cover.  Shayne’s fans can only text so much.  Yes #2 is obviously Shayne while #1 is Baek Chung Kang.

I’m actually surprised that Shayne has made it so far.  While he’s got a unique voice, I think its extremely polarizing.  For every supporter who comments that if Shayne loses Korea is racist, there is another who comments that if Shayne wins the entire show is rigged and pandering to a teen audience.  If anything the spectrum of opinions obvious goes to show that MBC executives probably don’t sit around contemplating how to corrupt a show with 5 independently famous artist, dozens of staff personnel and 12 contestants.  Its a popularity contest at this point and Shayne isn’t as popular as Baek Chung Kang.  If anything I’ve read more racist comments about Baek being a dirty Chinese than I’ve read about Shayne being a Canadian.

But damn Lee Tae Kwon, the one touted to win the entire thing has been losing popularity in recent weeks.  During the earlier stages of the competition Lee was getting so much praise that I really didn’t think anyone had a chance of catching up to him.  Maybe it’s the fact that while he’s consistently good, he rarely changes it up and while having a great voice is one thing, being able to keep an audience’s attention is another.

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