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1 Night 2 Days Celebrity Episode

Posted on: May 9, 2011

1 Night 2 Days is a variety show that trumps all variety shows in entertainment.  Its touted as a reality based comedy tour of Korea infused with games and random shenanigans.  While most variety shows rely on the power of guest celebrities to maintain ratings, 1N2D stands out for almost never having celebrities on the show.  For the past few years, the only celebrities they’ve had on the show is Park Chan Ho and Lee Mangi, both sports legends in their own rights.

When news outlets announced that 1N2D was having a special actress episode, I was both shocked and extremely excited.  For some of the more seasoned hosts of 1N2D, nothing surprises them anymore.  Take all my money and hitchhike to the beach?  No problem.  Strip naked during the middle of winter?  Where’s the pole music?  Lie, cheat and swindle the producers for dinner?  Already 10 steps ahead.  The one variable they’ve never encountered:  six famous actresses spending the next two days with them.  Epic.

And ladies and gentlemen, filming has started.  In two weeks I want to see these girls rip each other apart for a bite a ramen and the privilege to sleep indoors!  As for the six guys…I seriously do not want to see cheesy fake relationships.  They already have a variety show catering to that stupid make believe crap.

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