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Welcome to the Jungle Drunken Tiger

Posted on: May 8, 2011

Tiger JK and his wife formed a project group called Sunzoo and the entire process was documented in a four part series called “Welcome to the Jungle.”  While episodes 1 and 2 are floating around the internets, for some reason trying to find episodes 3 and 4 has been harder than finding Osama.  Not even the Korean downloading services carried it.

Of course that meant only one thing.  Give up.  Which I promptly did until today when youtube recommended I watch this certain video about Tiger JK.  I clicked on said recommendation and it was like finding the holy grail.  Episode 4… and it was subtitled.  what what!

Now I just need to find episode 3, win the lottery, make out with every hot Korean actor, and learn how to rap like Tasha.

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