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MBC Star Audition 위대한 탄생 – Episode 23

Posted on: May 7, 2011

Date 2011.05.06

I’ve been noticing this more and more but as the number of contestants dwindle the hardcore fans are gathering like hyenas to a hippo carcass.  Tonight the challenge was to sing a song from one of MBC’s old school music shows.  Unlike Superstar K which skews young, I feel like MBC is catering to a broader audience given the challenges presented.

First up was David Oh singing “After the Show’s Finished” by Sharp (not to be confused with the 90’s idol group S#arp).  David’s mom who was a famous Korean singer during the 70’s and 80’s gave him some advice via webcam.  It was also his mom’s birthday today so I’m sure David was thinking of her while performing.  However this felt like a one note performance.  Nothing interesting about it.

KYA hinted that he didn’t do as well with a live band while Mentor Shin and KTW enjoyed his performance and Mentor Lee noticed that he went flat (omg that’s what it was!).

Bang: No Vote   Lee: 9.0   Shin:  8.7    KTW:  8.8   KYA:  8.0 = 34.5

Next up was Son Jin Young singing Lee Jung Suk’s “The First Snow is Coming.”  Jin Young has this tendency to sing really quiet at the beginning of all his songs and while it’s appropriate for some songs, sometimes I wonder if he’s just being too dramatic.  I do like how they had fake snow falling on him the entire time.

KYA said that she can see he is really enjoying himself on stage now.  Mentor Shin noted that he put too much feeling in the first half that by the time it got to the climax it wasn’t as dramatic.  Mentor Lee said that the first verse was lacking and needed to finish each stanza more cleanly.  Mentor Bang said that while Jinyoung still lacks so much he was able to control his emotions better today.

Bang: 8.2   Lee: 8.9   Shin:  8.2   KTW:  No Vote   KYA:  8.2 = 33.5

Batting third was Baek Chung Kang with “To J” by Lee Sunhee.  I must have watched a lot of Korean videos with my grandmother because I don’t understand how else I know this song so well.  ChungKang seemed like he wasn’t feeling the song because I felt like it lacked any emotional depth.

KYA thought that he lacked energy while Mentor Shin said that he needed to work on singing faster songs.  He also noticed that ChungKang was clapping his hand on his mic, making a popping noise during the performance.  Instead he could have clapped the bottom of his palm.  Mentor Lee said that he was flat and needed more energy.  Mentor Bang said that he lacked charisma.

Bang: 8.3   Lee: 8.7   Shin:  9.0   KTW:  No Vote   KYA:  8.4 = 34.4

Fourth was Lee Tae Kwon Lee Sang Woo’s “A Love That is Like a Melancholy Picture.”  You know someone is good when they can make you fall in love with a song instantly.  Lee’s voice is really suited for this song and the fact that he had a live band seemed to make his performance even better.

KYA said that his performances are always so comfortable while Mentor Shin said that his tone was off during some parts of the song.  Mentor Lee said that he really thinks about how to present the first verse of the song and was impressed.

Bang: 8.5   Lee: 9.4   Shin:  8.5   KTW:  No Vote   KYA:  9.4 = 35.8

The final singer was Shayne singing “That Person” by Shim Soo Bong.  His accent which has been less noticeable for the past few episodes suddenly came back and at some point I had a hard time figuring out the lyrics.  And it was boring.  Did the five not have enough time to practice because they were all pretty off tonight sans Lee Tae Kwon.  Shayne’s fans were out in full force tonight and they screamed so loud and so much that I thought someone had killed a baby and forced them to watch.  I am all for cheering but its just plain old creepy when it so high and constant that it sounds like someone’s dying.

KYA said that he messed up the lyrics while KTW said that the song matched his voice.  Mentor Lee said that she was moved by his performance while Mentor Bang said that he wanted to see some of that charisma he had shown last week.

Bang: 9.0   Lee: 9.3   Shin:  No Vote   KTW:  9.0   KYA:  8.5 = 35.8

Because there are only five singers left, there was a lot of filler.  After each performance another host spoke with family members and had them give the contestants words of encouragement.  Also we got to see the five attend a live radio broadcast with Park Kyung Lim.  Park is a great MC as she can moderate without awkward pauses and is funny without being condescending so its sad she’s leaving the radio gig behind.  😦

After showing clips of the five performing on the radio, we got to see all five perform on stage with matching red and white outfits and mic choreography.  Again this performance lacked something and they were not in harmony.  Maybe they all hit the wall.  Its got to be pretty arduous learning and perfecting two songs each week and to top it off, there’s the added pressure of elimination.

After all the votes were counted, David Oh was unfortunately eliminated.  While David is a good looking kid and has some musical talent, I think the general audience never had much emotional connection with him.  Also, personally I don’t like the tone of his voice and I feel like he’s too innocent and doesn’t have any flavor in his performances.  But I’m a sucker for bad boys.

While watching the ending with my mom, who isn’t a fan of David’s either, she said he should have been eliminated next week because it was his mom’s birthday.  How tragic.  The entire time you’re talking about how you’re performing with your mom in mind only to be told by the viewing audience that it wasn’t good enough.

I felt like this entire episode was off.  I didn’t even want to write this recap because it was so boring.  Everyone except for Shayne and David’s screaming banshees seemed like they wanted to be elsewhere.  Next week needs to bring some flavor.

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