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Shin Soo Choo Arrested for DUI

Posted on: May 5, 2011

Dumb.  Ass.

On May 2, 2011 Shin Soo Choo, the outfielder for the Cleveland Indians, was arrested by a Sheffield Lake police officer after failing several sobriety tests and we get to see the whole thing go down via the cop’s handy dash cam.

Reading Choo’s police report, what caught my eye was the fact that Choo was the one to stop the police.  You know you’re drunk when you think its a good idea to alert police to your illegal activities.  I’m surprised he didn’t call 911 and tell them he was dead from a marijuana overdose.

So Choo had a .201 blood alcohol level which is way over the .08 maximum allowed in the state.  The test was performed after he was detained and taken to the station (probably an hour) and the dude’s over 200lbs.   Based on my calculations I’m going to say he downed 7 soju bottles before deciding to take the drive home.  Yes, I have a scientific method where I take my weight and multiply it by the hypotenuse of drinking 2 soju bottles before I blacked out that one time that I don’t want to talk about.

And after the photos and fingerprinting, Choo was escorted home by a nice police officer who noted that Choo slammed his camera into the ground as he walked out of the precinct.  Wrong camera dude.

Yeah he’s a douche for driving drunk but after watching the entire non edited footage, I’ve got to give a man props for being as polite as he was.  Dude put his hazard lights on, called the cop “sir” the entire time and didn’t become a belligerent asshole.  And I feel bad because during the conversation between him and the cop during the ride to the station, Choo obviously wants the guy to know how hard it was for him to learn English but all that comes out is “okay I speak English!”


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