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Shayne Confesses His Love For

Posted on: May 5, 2011

The five remaining contestants on MBC’s Star Audition Birth of a Great Star were invited to a radio show called “Starry Night” hosted by Park Kyung Lim.  While half the 80 minute broadcast was devoted to commercials, we got some insight into these kids thoughts and in one segment, Park asked the five which girl from the top 12 they would want to do a duet with.  I could impregnate that comment with so much double entendre.

Baek Chung Gang and Lee Tae Kwon both chose Baek Sae Eun saying her voice matched theirs while David Oh and Son Jin Young picked Kwon Risae.  Always amazes me that men turn into giggling boys at the sight of a remotely attractive woman.

Finally Shayne picked Kim Hyeri saying he liked her voice color the best out of all the girls.  Because Shayne has a very limited understanding of Korean the rest of the group began hinting at a possible love match.  The host turned to Shayne and asked “Do you like her” and he readily said yes not realizing they weren’t saying “like” but “like like.”  Finally Shayne looks to the camera and says he loves Kim Hyeri with such a straight face that it totally killed all the teasing.

What a shame.  I wanted Shayne to tell me more than how he and Hyeri spent the most time practicing together.  What do you mean practicing?  Practicing what?

Eww.  I just realized how young they were.

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