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MBC Star Audition Birth of a Great Star Predictions

Posted on: May 5, 2011

There are now five contestants left on MBC’s Birth of a Great Star:

David Oh
Baek Chung Kang
Lee Tae Kwon
Shayne Orok
Son Jin Young

The text rankings from last week’s show reveals a big gap between first and second place.  That being said, I went through some comments on the show’s website and noticed that most of the comments were supporting one particular contestant.  While the lowest number of comments went to the eliminated Jung Heejoo, David Oh surprisingly came in second to last.

Of course having the lowest number of comments doesn’t necessarily correlate to one’s survival on the show but it does give an indication of how popular that person is.  It seems that while David has a devoted fan base, it doesn’t look like he has the support of the general audience.  The contestant with the largest number of comments had nearly 92% more than David.

Maybe it’s not such a surprise that David isn’t as popular as one might assume.  Many of the Korean tweets talking about David range from “he’s cute” to “jfc my ears.”  I rarely read any tweets that talk about how his performance moved their hearts or that he’s the best singer out of the group.

That being said, I don’t think he’s leaving Friday night.  It’s most definitely Son Jin Young.  Why?  Because yesterday I was walking down the street when someone hit me in the head with a stray golf ball which led me to see visions of floating moose knuckles.  Well, not really but is there any logical explanation needed at this point in the show when popularity outranks singing in a singing competition?

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