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MBC’s I am a Singer Returns

Posted on: May 1, 2011

This week saw the introduction of three new singers Kim Yeon Woo, BMK and Im Jae Bum as well as a new set of rules for the competition.  Since the show has been on hiatus for a month, the singers were assigned to show off one of their personal songs.  Kim Yeon Woo sang 여전히 아름다운지 (Still Beautiful).  His voice is a bit deeper than I remember and while it might all be in my head, I don’t hear that desperateness that was in the original.

BMK sang her hit song 꽃피는 봄이 오면 (When Spring Flowers Bloom).  She’s a vocal teacher so you could tell she was nervous coming back on stage but damn if she didn’t deliver the goods.  I actually like it when she emotes a bit less since her voice is so pretty.

Im Jae Bum sang 너를 위해 (For You).  He was great I felt like he didn’t do as well as he can.  At first I felt like something was off, as if vocal chords had tightened up through the years.  However by the second verse I think he got more comfortable and I started to hear that old school Im Jae Bum bad ass voice.

By the end these were the results of 500 audience members.  No contestant is going home this week nor next week so its really a matter of pride right now.

1.  Im Jae Bum
2.  Park Jung Hyun
3.   Yoon Do Hyun
4.  BMK
5.   Lee Sora
6.  Kim Yeon Woo
7.  Kim Bum Soo

Excited for next weeks episode where they get to sing each other’s songs.  What I wouldn’t give to see Lee Sora rocking with Yoon’s Band.

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