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Did Noh Jihoon Already Have a Contract?

Posted on: April 26, 2011

*hmmm it seems they edited this article and now its says some other stuff about JiHoon having been a trainee and Mentor Bang defending Jihoon saying there was nothing wrong with him having trained.  so I guess this entire article below that I wrote is false.  arg!  that’s why I hate updating when Korean articles are fresh.*


Throughout MBC’s Star Audition competition there has been speculation that Noh Jihoon had previously signed an entertainment contract and had training prior to entering the show.  Some even speculated that he had already signed with JYP Entertainment while others believed he had an unfair advantage because of his training.

News has just been released that Noh Jihoon did participate in the recording of an OST for a drama called “사랑은 아무나 하나” aka “Can Anyone Love” in 2008.  However a rep for UFO Entertainment stated that while Jihoon did sing a song for the OST he did not sign a contract with the company.  At the time, Jihoon had lost his parents and was not in the position to sign any contract.  Jihoon’s mentor Bang Shi Hyuk also stated that Jihoon told them about the OST recording when he auditioned but that it was edited out of the show.

Personally, I don’t see what the big deal is.  Also while it would be nice if Jihoon got to shop around for a good contract, it seems inevitable that he’ll end up at Big Hit Entertainment (his mentor’s company).

Source (Newsen)

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