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I haven’t gotten around to recapping Episode 09 because I’m still recuperating from that insane Kpop concert they had in New Jersey.  Two words:  Never.  Again.  I thought Koreans were crazy but these non Korean fans take the cake.  Okay back to the recap.

Who was eliminated:  Chris and Shin Ji Soo.  Finally.  I never enjoyed Chris’ singing.  Yes he can make pretty noises but all he ever does is wait until he can belt out some R&B notes as loud as he can to prove how awesome of a singer he is.  WooooohooooooooyeahhhHH~H~~~HH~~~.  That’s not singing and every R&B singer who does this irks me to no end.  Singing takes emotions both ebbing and flowing.  At first I thought it was because he didn’t know Korean enough to convey the emotions through his voice but even when he sings American songs its pretty obvious that he doesn’t have the discipline and control needed to be an awesome singer.

As for Shin Jisoo, she blamed being sick for her lackluster performances but I don’t agree.  Yes she probably was sick but at the same time, in every clip they showed of her, she was screaming, talking, laughing out loud, etc.  I didn’t see a chica that was protecting her voice at all.  For a girl who is deemed a greedy bitch, I’d think her first thought would have been to stfu and try to heal her throat.  But what do I know, I wasn’t there.  I am just conveying my opinion based on the information I had before me.

In the beginning of the show, they again had a cheesy taped segment.  This time, the contestants went to “confessional” to talk about their insecurities and afterwards each group was sent to get some advice from senior singers.  Two Months and Oohlala Session got to meet Rain (JEALOUS!), while Chris met with Kim Johan, Kim Do Hyun and Christina met with Girl’s Generation, Shin Jisoo with Brown Eyed Girls, and Busker Busker met with Dynamic Duo.

They all small talked and did random shots to fill the time before the live singing.  It wasn’t that interesting except for when Denny Do from Two Months was forced to do Rain’s dance from “Love Song.”  The awkwardness that ensued was so adorable I wanted to pinch the kid.  He’s absolutely the shyest and quietest guy I’ve seen on any of these shows but he seems to be coming out of his shell a bit.

After each contestant met with their “mentor for a day”, the mentors gave everyone a report card to determine this week’s mission winner.

The mission for the live performances was to invite someone to the show and sing a song for them.  Chris was up first and he decided to sing “Run Devil Run” by Girl’s Generation and directed toward an ex girlfriend who had cheated on him.  What in the what was this guy thinking?!  The entire mission is to convey gratitude, longing and reminiscence, not hateration.  He totally misunderstood the challenge.  While other contestants picked a song that pulled on the audience’s heartstrings, he sang a song for his ex girlfriend.  I can’t.

His accent is really bad and low stage presence.  It was awkward and in the end I think the novelty of having a white kid on television singing Korean songs has worn off and the audience began to see and judge him for his performance.  I miss Shayne from Birth of a Great Star.  I wasn’t his fan but foreigner versus foreigner, Shayne was 100 times better than Chris.

Next was Kim Do Hyun singing “I’m dreaming” by Kim Tae Woo for his wrestling coach.  Of all the solo singers, I love him the most.  He’s so genuine and honest on and off the stage.  While he doesn’t have the greatest voice, I feel like he’s gotten this far because he’s so likeable.  I don’t see him making it to the top 3 but he’s so sweet I feel bad for writing that.  :T

Third up was Busker Busker singing “Stop” by Panic for the lead singer’s mom.  When he was young, his father died and his mom raised two sons by herself.  Even though it was a struggle for her, she never let on to her sons and tried to give them the best childhood she could.  As he thinks back on those times, he realizes how immature he was and the song is a “thank you” for everything his mom has done for him.

I don’t know.  Something was off about their performance.  Maybe he was trying to hold back his emotions or maybe Busker Busker isn’t so great with slow songs.  Either way, I wanted to fast forward their performance less than 30 seconds into it which is never a good sign.

After Busker Busker was Shin Ji Soo singing “Road” by G.O.D. which she was going to sing to herself.  To Herself.  I know she was trying to be deep but it just ended up being a hot mess.  She really seems to lack self awareness and it shows when she’s on stage.   She’s so deliberate in her moves that everyone can see that the moves are planned out.  That’s fine if you can execute it but the girl can’t.  Since the beginning, she’s been trying so hard to portray emotions and stage presence that it seems artificial.  If she just stood there with a stand and sung this song with some inflection, it would have been so much better.  Half of this song is rapping.  Why did she choose this song?!  I don’t think she deserves to be in the top 7 let alone top 10.  However she was picked and I’d rather see every eliminated contestant go home on a high note rather than a nose dive off mount everest.

Next was Ooh La La Session singing “Beauty” by Shin Joong Hyun for their fifth member.  The group is a five member group but their last member had to drop out of Superstar K3 because he and his wife had just given birth.  They wanted to perform on stage and have all five members there.  Even before I saw the performance I knew they were going to rock it.  They have consistently won both the judges and the crowd’s favor.  It seems that OLLS and Two Months are the groups to beat this year.  Good because no one else got my attention this season.  The performance was awesome as usual.  They have great stage presence, harmony and chemistry.  And they don’t take themselves too seriously.  Afro + Disco + a Fireman’s Pole= Puahahaha.

The winner of the group missions (who also got to choose the order of the performers) was Christina and she sang next to last.  She sang “Firefly” by Shin Hyung Won for her abusive ex boyfriend.  Its interesting that the three most polarizing personalities of the seven all chose to sing songs about themselves and the struggles they went through.  The others all sang songs FOR another person.  Even before this episode, I thought Christina, Chris and Shin Jisoo were very stubborn and selfish.  It doesn’t help that I feel as if these traits were confirmed throughout the competition.

Definitely one of her better performances but she’s very similar to Chris.  She just adds huge amounts of vibrato thinking it’ll impress everyone.  Yeah, maybe the first 10 times you do it but that gets tiredsome real quick.  Add to that her overreactions and general over emoting, I foresee her being cut sooner than later.

The final performance of the night was by Two Months singing “Brown City” by Brown Eyed Soul to sing to their parents.  Oh dear, BES is hard to sing.  They’ve got Naul, Jung Yup, and two other awesome singers harmonizing the shit out of their songs.  I was afraid that it was going to suck hard.  To my surprise Denny Do exuded  54.35% more confidence and even sang without his guitar and actually did better than his partner tonight.  They still really need to work on their stage presence and chemistry.  Its like watching a talent show.  They’re good but no where near the professionalism that Ooh La La Session gives off.

After a clip of the group meeting Olympic Gold Medalist Park Tae Hwan and a group performance of H.O.T’s “Hope” which they butchered, the votes were counted and Chris and Shin Jisoo got the boot.  Christina was freaking out and crying because she thought she was going to be eliminated, while Ooh La La Session won first place three weeks in a row.  I love those guys.  I hope the dude with the cancer doesn’t up and go into remission.  Its like a bad Korean drama where his dreams are about to come true only to find out he’s going to die.  Life, if you do that I’mma kill you!  Wait…did I just…

So I didn’t update since episode 5 but I the show really rushed through the audition process and I didn’t think it was worth it to try to summarize so much info from those shows.  I assume the show wanted a boost in the ratings and we all know the ratings sky rocket once you begin the live performances.

The first hour of episode 8 introduced the audiences to the nine contestants chosen to be a part of the live show.  In actuality there were 10 contestants but Yeri Band’s leader went on a huge rant on his personal homepage dissing the show and basically admitting to breaking the rules of the show.  Yeri Band was subsequently kicked off and nine remained.  I would suggest the girls of Yeri Band kick that dude out.  All he adds is drama and not the General Hospital “I love you” drama, the “I’mma ruin your dreams” drama.

The nine members first arrived at their dorms and were allowed to choose their rooms based on how early they arrived.  In the end, four of the dudes had to share two queen beds.  Oh the bromance!  I see it coming.  After moving in the group began their transformation ranging from personal trainers getting their bodies in shape to hair dressers who coiffed, teased and colored everyone’s hair.

Back at the dorm, everyone was picking on youngster Do Dae Hyun aka Denny Do (the male half of the duo Two Months).  The others told him to do the dishes, take out the trash, clean the bathroom, etc, but like the sweet kid he is, he took it all in stride.  Finally Denny was told to come to the practice room and to his surprise the group had prepared a birthday party for him.  Pick on Denny day was just an act.  Denny was so surprised that he even teared up.  This kid seems really sweet.  I hope stardom doesn’t turn him into a monster.

For their first mission, the members were split into groups and the winner would get a prize and would be allowed to choose the performance order for the live show.  Ooh La La Session and Two Months were picked to sing “U Go Girl” by Hyori.  The male solos Kim Do Hyun, Min Hoon Ki, Chris Golightly, and Lee Kyun Wool were chosen to sing “Into the New World” by Girl’s Generation.  Finally the female solos Christina, Lee Jung Ah and Shin Jisoo were chosen to sing “Only You” by 2pm.

It seems that Kim Yerim from Two Months is getting a lot of love from the males contestants.  In previous episodes, the lead singer from the band Busker Busker was totally smitten with her and the members of Ooh La La Session have also fallen for her charms.  For the performance, the members wanted Denny to be more aggressive with Yerim but since Denny was too shy, the guys from Ooh La La Session were ready and willing to take his spot.

During their performance in front of the judges, it was obvious that Chris needs to work on his accent, that Shin Jisoo can’t dance, and that Ooh La La Session is a force to be reckoned with.

Once all the contestants performed the judges had a surprise.  In order to fill the last spot for the live shows, they brought in two eliminated contestants:  Busker Busker and Haze.  Both groups performed their hearts out in order to secure their spot in the live show and in the end Haze was given the pass.  Busker Busker looked dejected until the judges revealed that there was going to be 11 contestants and both Busker Busker and Haze joyfully hugged realizing they were both in.

The winner of the group mission was Ooh La La Session and not only did they win some awesome cameras, they got to arrange the list of performers:

1.  Haze
2.  Min Hoon Ki
3.  Christina
4.  Lee Kyun Wool
5.  Kim Do Hyun
6.  Lee Jung Ha
7.  Chris Golightly
8.  Busker Busker
9.  Shin Ji Soo
10.  Ooh La La Session
11.  Two Months

The mission for this episode was to sing a song from six of Korea’s top song writers including YB Band, Kim Kwang Jin, Kim Hyun Suk, and Yoon Gun.  Each contestant got to choose whose song they would sing and got to meet with the songwriters to get some pointers.

First up was Haze singing “Love” written by Kim Hyun Chul.  Haze was previously eliminated in the last round when they went against Yeri Band.  It was great that they got to come back and I actually like their rendition of the song.  The fact that they can still keep their “color” while singing this song was something not every contestant was able to do.

Next up was Min Hoon Ki singing “Loving until it hurts” by Jo Jung Hyun.  I don’t think he deserves to be in the top 11.  The fact that he was able to get this far into the competition makes me question the logic behind the judge’s decision.  There were numerous singers who could have sung circles around him and he doesn’t even have a particularly interesting voice.  When he was performing, it seemed like something an oppa at at noraebang would do.  Its just mind boggling.

Third was Christina singing “Don’t Go Don’t Go” by Brown Eyes aka Yoon Gun and Naul.  I can’t believe she tried to sing this song.  Its a pretty hard song to sing and not only that, Naul is one of the best singers in Korea and its going to be hard trying to impress a crowd if you don’t have the singing and emotional talent to pull off what Naul does.

Here were the judges’ points for the first three performers:

Lee Seung Chul:  84            Yoon Mirae:  83          Yoon Jong Shin:  71

Min Hoonki:
Lee Seung Chul:  81            Yoon Mirae:  85          Yoon Jong Shin:  76

Lee Seung Chul:  87            Yoon Mirae:  87          Yoon Jong Shin:  84

Fourth was Lee Kyun Wool singing “If I were me” written by Kim Hyun Suk.  He came out with new yellow hair.  That was about as interesting as it was going to get.  No emotion in his singing and like Min Hoonki, I’ve heard oppas at NRB singing just like him.

Fifth was Kim Do Hyun singing “I’m a Butterfly” by Yoon Do Hyun.  Cute how they have the same name.  The dude’s English needs work but he’s got heart and I think the audience really responded to that.

Sixth was Lee Jung Ha singing “Letter” by Kim Kwang Jin.  The first fice contestants were pretty lackluster and Lee doesn’t really help.  Ooh La La Session must really know whats up because the first six are basically the first six that are definitely going to get cut from the competition.  There is no way any of these contestants are going to make it to the final two.  I would also put Chris in there but I’ve been consistently wrong about him so…

Here were the judges’ points

Lee Kyun Wool:
Lee Seung Chul:  82            Yoon Mirae:  82          Yoon Jong Shin:  73

Kim Do Hyun:
Lee Seung Chul:  89           Yoon Mirae:  88          Yoon Jong Shin:  78

Lee Jung Ha:
Lee Seung Chul:  90            Yoon Mirae:  87         Yoon Jong Shin:  87

First up from the next group of singers was Chris Golightly singing “Sincerity” by Kim Kwang Jin.  I just can’t understand what the hell he’s saying.  Its obvious that he can sing but the fact that he can’t pronounce the words to what he is singing makes it hard to believe that he understand what he’s singing.  Not only that, because of this I can’t focus on his tone or pitch or anything because I’m focusing on how awful his pronunciation is.

Next was Busker Busker singing “Tokyo Girl” by Kim Kwang Jin.  I love how everyone makes fun of the drummer and calls him Nicolas Cage.  I know his name is Brad but in my mind he will forever be the Nick Cage of Korea.  Puahaha.  Their performance was lackluster.  Instead of highlighting their “color” the song made them looks boring and amateur.

The final performer of this group was Shin Ji Soo signing “Na Na Na” by Kim Hyun Suk.  This song was sung by Yoo Seung Joon and is a dance/rap song.  She slightly acknowledged that her personality has polarized viewers and she seemed to have toned down the “I’m a crazy controlling bitch” side of her personality.  She’s got an alright voice.  People seem to love her unique tone but it just sounds like she’s sick.  Remember that episode of “Friends” where Pheobe gets a cold and ends up having this husky, rapsy voice and when she sings “Smelly Cat” everyone falls in love with her voice?  I feel like that’s the extent of Jisoo’s voice.  If she swallowed the phelm in her throat, she’d be in trouble.

Here were the judges scores:

Lee Seung Chul:  79            Yoon Mirae:  85        Yoon Jong Shin:  90

Busker Busker:
Lee Seung Chul:  84            Yoon Mirae:  82         Yoon Jong Shin:  82

Shin Ji Soo:
Lee Seung Chul:  87            Yoon Mirae:  82         Yoon Jong Shin:  86

Finally the last two performers and really, the only two that I actually wanted to see perform.  These two probably have the best chance of winning, although I feel like the producers are trying to get Yerim from Two Months and Shin Ji Soo to be rivals for the final.  I mean who didn’t see John Park and Huh Gak in the final round?

First up was Ooh La La Session singing “Setting Moon” by Kim Hyun Chul.  *actually not sure what the song is called*.  OMG they were so freaking good.  No only are they singing, they are dancing and every member was in sync with each other.  The only thing that bothered me was that some of their mics weren’t placed properly and two of the members continued to go off pitch several times during the harmonies.  But its all good because they really blew everyone else away.

Last was Two Months singing “Hey Wolf” by Kim Kwang Jin.  Compared to Ooh La La Session, this group went low key singing with an acoustic guitar and sitting during the entire performance.  They were alright but they really didn’t highlight anything that is special about them.  I think that’s the problem with singing a song you don’t really like or know well- it ends up becoming a chore.  Still these two were way better than most of the other contestants.

Here are the judges scores:

Ooh La La Session:
Lee Seung Chul:  93            Yoon Mirae:  90        Yoon Jong Shin:  92

Two Months:
Lee Seung Chul:  93            Yoon Mirae:  88        Yoon Jong Shin:  86

While the judges scores were being calculated with the audience votes, there was a cheesy group performance that doesn’t need to be talked about any more than I have and then it was down to determining which two contestants would be eliminated this week.  About 30 minutes was devoted to this and in the end Haze and Min Hoon Ki were eliminated.  Not surprising.

Next week is another live round.  I predict the eliminated members will be Christina and Lee Kyun Wool.  Of course I don’t think these two are who should be eliminated but that’s the thing with audience votes.  They’re like a box of chocolates.  You never know what you’re going to get.

The beginning of Super week where they group people up, make them bond, make them fight and then eliminate them from the competition.  This was one of the better episodes of this season but the editing was horrible.  Whoever edited this episode needs to be fired because it was filled with so many random pauses and slowmo scenes I wanted to choke someone.

In the first half of the show, the contestants were put into groups and the judges picked and chose who would continue on to the collaboration round of super week.  This season is interesting because the show not only had solo singers, they encouraged groups and bands.

After everything was said and done, about 20 eliminated contestants were given a second chance to impress the judges.  11 continued to the collaboration week.

If it seemed like I rushed through the first half, its because thats exactly what the editors did.  Instead of focusing on a select few and doing short edits of the other contestants, they just showed mini clip after mini clip of each audition which made it hard to connect with the show.  However once the auditioners were through to the collaboration round, it got a bit more interesting.

The entire group was sent to their hotel only when they got there the solo singers were separated from the group singers/bands.  Presented in front of the solo singers were kiosks with a song ranging from Queen’s “Somebody to Love” to SNSD’s “Kissing You.”  Once the choices were presented each singer stood in front of the song they wanted to sing.  While some lines had several people (Sistar19’s song “Ma Boy” had 10 solo singers), only one person stood in line for SNSD’s “Kissing You.”  All the groups that had 4 or more singers were to collaborate with each other on the song.  The groups with less than 4 had a few minutes to move to another group with more members.

In the line for Queen’s “Somebody to Love” (the only English song choice), Chris Golightly and two other English speakers contemplated whether to split up or try to get someone to come sing with them.  In the end, a shy kid with a guitar defected from his group and joined their team.

In the group room, the bands and groups all chose a song from a list ranging from Baek Ji Young’s “That Man” to Shinee’s “Juliette.”  Once each group picked a song, three bands/groups were joined together and forced to pick one song that they had to collaborate on (all within a few seconds).  This was very interesting because there were rap duos matched with full fledged bands, boybands with rockers, etc.

For the next few hours, the groups both solo and bands tried their best to come up with something to impress the judges.  Some groups worked way better than others and in one group (Sistar 19’s Ma Boy singers), one girl stood out as the kpop nazi forcing her opinion on to the others including two young girls.  The tension forced one of these two girls to start crying to which the nazi promptly told her in her coldest witch voice to be quiet.  Eventually the kpop nazi forced the group to split into two to the ire of some of the others.

The contestants barely got any sleep as the next day approached.  First up on stage was “One Last Stand” featuring Ooh la la session, Yeri Band and NYC contestants Fat Duo singing old school kpop song “A blurred image of you” by Hyun Jin Young.  The group was awesome considering there were so many people to collaborate with.  However one of the singers from Fat Duo forgot his lines and in the end Fat Duo was eliminated while Yeri Band and Oohlala session moved on to the next round.

Next was group Soul Survivor consisting of Chris Golightly, Christina, Park Sol and Lee Jung Ha singing Queen’s “Somebody to Love.”  I love that they picked Queen because it was timed just as it was Freddie Mercury’s birthday.  Now that’s the stuff I like about SSK.  The group got along very well and when the judges asked them who they would pick to eliminate, no one said anything.  I hate these stupid ass questions.  Wtf, why are you trying to bring out the worst in people??  Anyways, the group was so good the judges passed everyone to the next round.

The next group to come up was “Men” which had the groups Haze, Royal Tribe and JJ.  This group was filled with some big egos especially from the rappers.  How the the rappers even got this far in the competition baffles my mind because they sucked so bad.  Anyways, they sang Big Bang’s “Lie” and while it started off good, it became painfully obviously that they had f’d up.  In the end, it was the group Haze that were the only ones to get through to the next round.

The last group to audition was “Five Eagles” consisting of Shin Jisoo, Lee Sori, Son Yerim, Park Janghyun, Lee Gunyoul singing Sistar19’s “Ma Boy.”  You know, the one with the kpop nazi aka Shin Jisoo.  Right before going on stage, Jisoo looks to one of the singers and tells him that if he messes up “she doesn’t know” basically insinuating that she’ll throw him under the bus.  Of course he chokes and can’t remember the lyrics once on stage.  After three false starts, Jisoo tells the group to start the song without him and they actually do very well, especially little Son Yerim who rocked it with her rapping.  We’ll have to wait until next week to see who makes it to the next round but I hear they all make it except the one dude in the middle.

So the first episode of MBC’s Star Audition, Birth of a Great Star aired and actually did better in the ratings than Superstar K3.  The first episode introduced us to the five new mentors.  I’ve said this before but I’m very disappointed that the show got new mentors.  I’m sure there were reasons for the switch but after watching the first episode, I’m wary of this new group.

There’s Lee Seung Hwan, a singer who was formerly married to the actress Chae Rim.  He hasn’t had much recent success with his music but he’s got a trove of ahjummas who are dedicated enough to fill concert seats.  During the introductions, he joked that he would have never passed the auditions if he had tried out on season 1 because the mentors continually stressed the use of articulation and pointed out the misue of every singer’s nasal sounds, both of which are Lee Seung Hwan’s trademarks.

The next mentor was Lena Park, who has more recently been on “I am a Singer” and was a guest judge on MBC’s rival program Superstar K3.  She’s got a long resume of songs, duets and appearances.  I’ve already said a lot about her singing.  While she’s absolutely talents, I just can’t stand her voice.

Third is singer and producer Yoon Sang.  He wrote songs for IU, Boa, DBSK, and GaIn.  He’s well known in the industry but not a mainstream name.  He’s one of the more harsh judges on the show but won’t be anything like former mentor Bang Shi Hyuk because while harsh, he says it so politely you don’t realize he’s dissed you until you leave the stage.

Forth is producer Yoon Il Sang who has written songs for DJ DOC, YB, Turbo, Cool, and Kim Bum Soo just to name a few.  Like Yoon Sang, he a star in the music industry and has more leverage and power than someone like Bang Shi Hyuk.  While Bang does seem to get a lot of airtime, he’s definitely does not have the resume of either Yoon Sang or Yoon Il Sang.

Finally, the diva to rival Lee Eun Mi is Lee Sunhee whose got decades of singing experience, performed at Carnegie Hall, and taught Lee Seung Gi how to sing among other things.  I didn’t know much about her but she’s definitely talented.  Her ear for music is evident from the first episode and I can see her raising up a really good mentee.

In the first episode, the show ended up in London for the European leg of the auditions.  Out of thousands, 23 contestants got tickets to the next round in Korea.  First up was 19 year old Anthony Mcpherson from France.  He was definitely a good looking guy and compared to Josh Harnett by Lee Seung Hwan.  He did some freestyling dancing and beatboxing which the judges loved but when it came down to singing, Anthony was lackluster.  All three judges gave him a “Sorry” and he left without a ticket.

I’ve got to say, while Anthony wasn’t a horrible singer, he did have that bit of “star quality” that every judge seems to search for.   He definitely needs work on his voice and his stage presence and I thought the judges were right in eliminating him but with some lessons, I could see him on tv one day.

After a montage of horrible auditions, we were introduced to someone who is already a veteran of the audition process.  Tita Lau from the UK was on the British show “The X-Factor” as one of the members of a girl band called Girlband.  So creative this one.  Obviously she didn’t make it big but she’s still pursuing her musical career.  She sang a Christina Aguilera song which was so so but when asked to sing a kpop song, she surprised everyone with her rendition of 2ne1’s “Lonely.”  While she needs some work I was actually impressed with how well she sang in Korean.  Of course the judges were impressed and she was through to the next round.

My favorite audition from the Europe auditions was this guy, Sam Carter.  He’s a 25 year old from the UK and is half Korean.  He was also a pro soccer player before a back injury halted his career.  He sang Adele’s “Someone Like You” and the judges loved him.  Lee Sunhee verbalized it the best.  He has an unique voice that you don’t hear in Korea and the way he pushes his breath out instead of in when he sings is really interesting.  I agree Lee Sunhee.  He reminds me of John Park from Superstar K2, except this kid is way more talented.  I could see him going far into the competition but I have one suggestion:  Proactive.  Dude’s face is narly.

Next up with Sam’s bff, 21 year old Kim Yehoon.  Unlike Sam, Kim wasn’t very interesting.  He had a good voice but the judges questioned how talented he was.  Both Lee Seung Hwan and Lee Sun Hee gave him a pass hoping he’d impress him in the next round but I agree with Lena Park that he should have been eliminated.

The final contestant was Nick Josh (sic) who graduated from Oxford University.  He sang “Tree” by Boa.  He was bad, his pronunciation was bad and worst of all he was freaking boring.  However after his singing, he made the judges smile with a dance cover of Rainbow’s “A” and he was given a pass to the next round.  He’s one of those who I see and go “wtf” because he did not sing well.  And while everyone seemed to be impressed by his clothes and dancing, I felt like he was just an imitation and behind all that makeup and clothes and general aura he was portraying, in the end he’s just plain.

Back in Seoul, judges Lena Park, Yoon Il Sang and and Lee Seung Hwan were bombarded by thousands of hopefuls, many of them who made me cringe.  First was Lee Eun Byul who was boring and didn’t make it to the next round so I’m going to skip her.  The judges watched contestant after contestant come up with their guitars only these contestants had failed to tune them before coming up making all the judges sigh in frustration.  Then out comes Kim Tae Gook with his trusty, out of tune guitar.  The judges cry out but he actually ends up getting into the next round with his interesting cover of Hyori’s “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.”  He was also a bit of a douchebag interrupting the judges and pretending he was cool.  Dude, you’ve got a bowl cut.

Next was Kim Soyoung who did an imitation of Lena Park singing the national anthem.  At least Lena can laugh at herself because it was hilarious and had everyone in the audience in stitches.  Afterwards she wowed the judges with her rendition of “Five” by Cherry Filter.

The next contestant was a 14 year old who considered himself the next Micheal Jackson. He had watched the first season of the show and was impressed with the young Mickey from Thailand and decided he would try his luck.  I almost died from second hand embarrassment as he tried to sing “Beat it” by MJ.  He’s never had any lessons and his parents weren’t very supportive of his dream.  I wonder why.  Of course he was eliminated.

Another 14 year old graced the stage and this time rocked it with her rendition of “Fallin” by Alicia Keys.  Shin Yerim had talent and when asked to dance she took off her cute glasses and turn into fierce Yerim dancing to Lady Gaga.  Of course she passed onto the next round.  Personally, I don’t think kids this age should be allowed in the competition and her chances of making it to the end is almost nil.  but good for her.

Next was 23 year old Kim Min Sun who looked like she belonged at a racing model convention.  The judges were wary of her intentions but she swore she wanted to be a singer.  No girl you want to be famous.  There’s a difference.  After her horrible singing and worse dancing, she was given the axe by the judges.

The final contestant of this episode was 22 year old Go Pil Joon who had lost a ton of weight to become a singer.  He had grown up as a chubby kid and as he got older he felt that no one was taking him seriously or even acknowledging him.  He lost the weight and hopes that his dreams of becoming a singer will come true.  He sang “I’m in love” by Ra.D and afterwards, Lena said that even if he had never lost any weight she would have given him a crown (yes) because he’s good.  The other two judges seemed to be a bit more cautious but both of them also gave him a crown.  I don’t know.  The guy’s okay but he wasn’t anything special.  If he didn’t have the story of him losing 80kg (176lbs), I don’t think I would have even remembered him.

Scumbag netizens strike again!

Wants blood cuz Kang evaded taxes…gasps in shock when he quits.



The Miss Universe pageant is airing in a few days so I looked up an interview with Miss Korea and my brain imploded.  Her name is Jung Sora and she’s a 19 year old from the States and is bilingual.  I also think she might have gotten some work done on her boobies but that’s not relevant nor what’s important.  What is important is how vapid her answers were.  When asked what animal she would like to be, she said an oyster because they’re like simple and stuff.  You know what animal I would be?  I would be a motherfocking liger and I don’t even have to give a reason because I’m a motherfocking liger.

What the hell did I just watch?

The best contestant that ever came out of Korea was Honey Lee and she would have made it to the top except for that horrible translator that ruined her last interview and made her look like an insane money grubbing idiot.

Seriously, what were the judges in Korea thinking picking this girl.  Intelligence is way underrated in these contests.  Yes, its still about beauty no matter what they purport, but in the age of silicon, everyone can pay to be pretty.  What makes you special is brains and charm.  Obviously, this latest version of Miss Korea might need a few more years of college.


What the hale is this?  Jay Park’s video for “Demon” is straight embarrassing but I’m pretty sure Jay isn’t happy about it considering he slammed it on his twitter.  Its like some douche bag with no legit skills decided to make a music video with his $5000 video camera and Apple editing software.  Whoever directed and edited this pile of doo doo needs to be shamed.  I’m getting so much second hand embarrassment, especially for Kim Sa Rang.  She’s become a legit actress only to have this released.  Sweet mercy!